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Dear Bert and Gert: I have no friends

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I'm a middle aged, white, Christian, heterosexual man in a profession. I own my own home, drive a nice car and take foreign holidays.

Why do so many people dislike me?

Isolated of Cheshire

Dear Isolated

Get yourself down to the Snooty Fox and have a drink, buy something nice in Boodles and Dunthorne, walk around the Walls and then drive home along beautifully manicured roads between white rail fences and think how lucky you are.

Sure, you are surrounded by plebs with tons of money from running around in a field kicking a ball with wives and girlfriends that would struggle to climb to the the class divide that would get then a role on Coronation Street (but who couldn't get low enough to appear on East Enders) but that's the price you pay for living somewhere so nice.

Why do people dislike you? You didn't make your money running around in a field, you don't drive a velvet covered Bentley and you are not ostentatious, just comfortable enjoying the money you've made from a lifetime of work.

And you are white. middle class, heterosexual. Christian of English origin. Your problem is simple: you are not subject to discrimination (real or convenient) except insofar as you are not poor and the socialists who drafted hate laws left out those who are not poor. As a result you are irrelevant.

It's sad that normal is the new minority but has no power to defend itself.

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