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F1: It's good to be back.

Bryan Edwards

As the F1 teams pack their kit to head to Melbourne, I have one thing to say on a personal note: it's good to be back.

When the old publishing platform that ChiefOfficers.net had run on since 2006 was overwhelmed by technical problems at the end of 2013 we suspended publication and literally threw away the entire platform and started again. We thought we'd be up and running before the year end. Such innocence.  In fact, it took us more than two years to get a functional platform that did everything we wanted and it's taken us a further three months to get the structure working together, partly because we had a very particular concept in mind and there is, literally, nothing else like PleaseBeInformed.Com anywhere on the web.

We shouldn't be surprised: after all, our publisher, Vortex Centrum Limited, was an on-line publisher before the term "new media" was current. In the meantime, lots of publications and websites have come and gone. We, in one form or another, have been here since 1999.

And so, while we have a few things to do, and we have literally thousands of articles which, because of data interchange issues, we are having to migrate by hand, we are here, and we are live. I've been moving the old Motorsport articles across a few at a time but there are still lots to go: I'm only back to late 2012. And we're making those older articles part of our free content. By the start of the 2016 season, current motorsport articles will be for members only.

But believe me: while the past two years has been exciting on so many levels, I can't wait to be back reporting on F1 and MotoGP.

The old site had a slogan we've ditched for the new one: it said " f... f.... football. If it doesn't have an engine, forget about it! Real men have balls - and they don't just play with them."

Well, just over a week to go, it's time we began to look at what the real men will be playing with.

To those, if any, who are pleased we are (and in particular I am) back... thank you for your patience :)

It's good to be back.