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Fraudsters threaten action against companies and directors

Editorial Staff

There's rarely anything new in Spam Scams but the letter that purports to come from "Investigation and Enforcement Services" and carries a (not exactly correct) UK Government Copyright Notice is novel. Read the full mail below.

Company Investigations Inquiry Notice

We have received a complaint about your company which implies corporate misconduct.

This may include:

Causing notable harm to customers, suppliers, etc. Breaking the law, e.g. fake Serious misbehavior, e.g. company recources have not been used properly Having a serious impropriety in its affairs.

As part of this procedure we have made our own background investigation and if it appears to be in the public interest, we can apply to the court to wind up the company and stop it trading.

Your Inquiry Number: 86HQZR765

Further Info

Also if the performance of the director(s) who run the company is suspicious enough, we can establish proceedings to disqualify them from leading a limited company for a period up to 15 years.

The investigation can give us information that we can pass to another regulatory body that has more suitable powers to deal with any concerns the investigation uncovers.

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It's no big surprise that this spam scam originates in Windows Live: Microsoft's free and anonymous e-mail systems have long been the vehicle of choice for internet criminals.

The mail contains evidence of an exploit to the website's WordPress installation. The offending directory is wp-content/themes, a directory that we have, on many previous occasions, pointed out is widely compromised by criminals.

Bizarrely, if this writer were to look out of his living room window in Kuala Lumpur, he would be able to see the road, just 750 metres away, where the victimised business is based.

The spam-scam also imports into its html layout in-line images held at komoconsultants.com in a directory 8o645w

As always, the advice remains the same: insist that all mail is displayed in plain text only to prevent the auto-loading of files and to prevent the accidental clicking on innocent-looking links that disguise their true destination.

And, of course, always pay attention to the standard of English. While the English education system has failed pupils for several decades resulting in many now in post in government jobs with very poor English, this example is not only in poor English but its structure is disjointed.