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How a university lecturer found fame

Editorial Staff

Robert Kelley is a senior lecturer (in the American style, they call him an Associate Professor) at the University of Busan in South Korea. Contacted by the BBC, he started to give his views on the success of South Koreans as President Park was impeached and removed from power. Then, it all started to go.. well, some might say wrong but others would say his family are real tv stars, not reality tv poseurs. (free content)

Watch, in particular, the sliding, superhero style, into the room of Kelley's wife as she realises that one of the children has opened the door and the other one is scooting in, too.

Also, the poor woman's attempts to stay out of shot while closing the door are wonderful.

This is the original BBC footage. Some edited versions are going around falsely showing multiple entries by the family.

Anyone who has ever run an interview from home when the kids are in knows just how difficult this is: even simply keeping them quiet in another room is a challenge for the other parent or nanny.

But, seriously, his interview would have been done, dusted and consigned to short term memory if it wasn't for his family making him the face of the whole weekend.

Just one thing: it wasn't VX gas in KLIA2. But we're sure no one noticed that he said it was.

Then again, CNN in its usual manner of simply making things up said that the interview was about North Korea (which the interviewee mentioned only in passing - the interview actually being about the impeachment of Park).

https://www.youtube.com/watch?.... Sadly, the CNN thing is also online.

(despite the default logo, this article is free content because we really didn't put much work into it!)