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Monday 20 October 2008

Dear Sir,

I was just reading the article "F1: Sponsorship not as good as in the bank" by Bryan Edwards on Sunday 19 October 2008 and wish to correct some errors.

Yes Santander is a Spanish bank, however, it is not a Catalan Bank it is from the Province of Santander which is on the Cantabrian coast in the north of Spain and from my understanding it has nothing to do with the Catalan/Basque regions/people (Catalan has to do with the region where Barcelona is located, which is not close to Santander, and the Basque's are close to Santander but as far as I know they are not connected).

Fernando Alonso is not Catalan he is Asturian which means he is from the province of Asturias which is located right next door to Santander hence the reason they may want to sponsor him (he is from the city of Oviedo).

Yours, etc,

Francisco Fernandez


Bryan Edwards has been told to go and look at a map: Ed.