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The News Without The Crap

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The most important stories of the day often do not reach a mass readership. The News Without the Crap provides a platform for true Citizen Journalism. No rants, no tirades, no insults or agendas, just genuine news and current affairs with balanced reporting.

There are two approaches: identify and cite a range of articles in media, journals, etc. that present both sides of a proposition. You can summarise those articles but not copy/paste them. The sources should be credible media, not random blogs or scraping sites. If you can cite more than one source for the propositions, so much the better.

Alternatively, research and write your own piece, fully identifying sources that we can fact-check before publication.

BEWARE: get as close to the original story as you can - do not simply link to a webpage which repeats what it has found elsewhere on the web.

Your name is on this article and therefore your own personal credibility is at stake. If there are two sides to a story, cite them both and provide links to both. In addition to the summary, you can provide a short explanation as to why the story is important. You can disable comments if you wish.

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