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Please Be Informed Effective PR : Launch May 2017

This service is exclusively for professional PR departments in companies and PR agencies. It is a paid-for service.

We do not proof read, edit or fact-check PR. While we provide the platform, the member is the publisher.

However, we do have restrictions on what might appear. We will, as soon as it comes to our attention, remove any item that we consider breaches the following Code of Conduct:

1. includes or promotes discrimination on race, religion, gender, age or class.

2. promotes any get-rich-quick scheme, any pyramid, ponzi or multi-level marketing scheme.

3. promotes a website the primary purpose of which is to provide "click bait"

4. promotes, directly or indirectly, any illegal activity

A one-year subscription allows unlimited posting by the member during the period of membership.

Members may choose to publish in the future, to publish now with a marked embargo, to restrict readership to PBI Accredited journalists, to all members of PleaseBeInformed or the public at large.

Media releases will remain on-line during the currency of membership. If membership lapses or is revoked for breaches of the code of conduct, all prior media releases will be automatically deleted and cannot be restored.

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