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Privacy and Legal

Vortex Centrum Limited is part of The Anti Money Laundering Network group of companies. As a result, the primary source for privacy, cookies and legal matters is as stated in our Group policy. In addition, this site has some general conditions and some publication-specific conditions.

Group Policy: www.antimoneylaundering.net


Tracking of Visitors

We use visitor tracking to provide us with data on how our visitors use our website. We record information that allows us a very broad picture of your point of origin and where you were before you came to our site.
We do not track where you went after you leave our site.

We use two systems: one tracks all visitors this is primarily for security reasons. We do not perform detailed analysis on visitors unless there is a security reason for so doing.There is no opt-out for this. Note: you can opt out of cookies but registered users will find that many of the features across the site will cease to function. In your browser, you can set the cookies to be cancelled at the end of your session. Even so, we will have a record of your last visit and your IP address and the pages you visit: these are part of your record, just like an electronic key maintains a record of your movements around a building.

The other system provides us with general information to enable us to better understand how people move around our site and what they are most interested in, how long they remain on the site, and more. This system does not collect any personal information but it does place cookies on your system. This applies to registered users who are logged in and to everyone whether they are logged in or not. You can opt-out of this tracking in your own browser:

(indeed, you might already have done so, in which case this page will inform you of that).

Note that We do not use Google Analytics and that all data collected is stored on our own servers in the UK and is subject to UK Data Protection legislation.