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Today's dumb spam-scam pretends to be from Samba Bank in the UK.

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Editorial Staff

We looked up the domain used for this spam-scam: samba-bank.co.uk. There's something not quite right about the available information but it's too limited to be sure that the domain has, either, been critically compromised or that it has been obtained by fraudsters. But it's not the first spam we've had that uses this same domain. Perhaps someone from Samba would like to tell us if the domain is, in fact, under their control. The spam-scam, itself, is interesting, too. It's the first time for a while we've seen a 1970s style Nigerian Scam letter and even the language is in the old style!

Purportedly from: chung.yoon samba-bank.co.uk Accountant Chung Deok Yoon.
Note: replies go to that address.
Subject: Business Deal

I will like to propose an urgent business deal to you and please this is
important to us as it will promote our financial status, I would like you
to know that my proposal is very important to me so please I want you to
take the content of this mail very seriously. All I want is an honest
business transaction between us. First of all, I will start by introducing
myself. My names are Chung Deok Yoon and I’m an accountant at Samba Bank,
UK. I was the personal accountant to a currently Late Engineer and foreign
contractor from your country who had an investment account with my bank. My
late client was a chemical consultant contractor with Royal Dutch until his
death in a fatal car accident while at France on sabbatical with his entire
family. The accident unfortunately took the lives of the family members
comprising of himself, his wife and two kids in the summer of 2007 may
their soul rest in perfect peace. He banked with us here and has an account
which has still yet not been claimed by anybody since his death as there
was no living will in place when he died. The Balance left is 9,649,400 GBP
(nine million, six hundred and forty nine thousand Pounds.) in account with
indefinite interest. Since the death of my client, my bank and I have made
several inquiries to his embassy to locate any of his extended family
members or relatives but this has proven unsuccessful. I am contacting you
to apply for the funds left behind before they are declared no more
serviceable. I came to know about you in my search for a person who shares
the same last name as my late client. I would send you further information
in my next mail as things goes. I’m sending you this email solely for this
purpose as I feel it would not have been the last wishes of my late client
for his whole life work to be transferred to a government (Es cheat) he had
always complained of their unfavourable public monetary policies, taxes and
so on while he was alive. My bank has issued me several notices to provide
the next of kin within the next 14 days. I am seeking your consent to
present you as the next of kin of my late client since you share and bear
the same last name. As such, the balance of the account can be paid to you
by the bank as the next of kin. If you are interested I will give you
further information to act swiftly on this matter in other to beat the
deadline es cheat date. Please get back to me immediately for us to discuss
further. I propose that upon successful completion of this deal, we will
split the proceeds 50:50 ratio. I am after the success of this transaction
with your full co-operation. All I require is your honesty and full
co-operation to enable us see this deal go through. I guarantee you that
this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you
and me from breaching UK laws. I want to also inform you that I would
always expect honesty with response from you. I will attach my
international Passport ID in my next mail to you for authenticity so we
have equal ground to know and trust each other. If you would be further
interested in my proposal I will send you more information directing you on
further procedure step by step on how we can claim the money in the account
successfully. If this proposal is alright by you then kindly get back to
me. The content of this mail should be treated with utmost confidentiality
and a quick response from you will be highly appreciated. . I anticipate
your co-operation. Best Regards, Chung