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World Money Laundering Report Volume 15 Number 1 is published 22 February 2016

World Money Laundering Report Volume 15 Number 1 is now available.

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In this issue:

Embattled Serious Fraud Office secures Bribery Act conviction and fine - but it's not much.

The Serious Fraud Office is pleased with itself. It's finally got a conviction under the Bribery Act for failing to prevent an agent or employee bribing a third party.

US Department of Justice do deal with Dutch company to pay huge penalty for bribery of Uzbek PEP.

The USA's DoJ has done a deal with Netherlands telco and it's costing a shed load of penalties, etc.

FATF says Brazil is a problem. And it's got nothing to do with FIFA, the Olympics or the Zika virus. Honestly.

The FATF is having a hissy fit with Brazil. Brazil's got quite enough on its plate without the FATF causing trouble. Yet, the FATF is right to take action.

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Malaysia admitted as full-member of the FATF. They live in interesting times.

Be careful what you wish for. As Malaysia takes up full membership of the FATF, there's a story to be told. Actually, there's more than one.


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