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Man shoots cow.

How delicious is this: a man who has been convicted of shooting a cow and killing it and its unborn calf, is from a town called Prattville.

Not so delicious is that Byron Jamar Esco is worse than the mild insult "prat" would suggest. A felon recently released from jail, he was driving along when he saw the cow in a field. As a felon, he was not permitted to be in possession of a gun but he had a 9mm handgun in the car and he used it to shoot the cow, killing it. He was convicted of killing the beast in breach of Alabama's state law that prohibits killing cattle except in specific circumstances.



Health Club's a puzzle

CrossFit Affirmation, a health club located at 4A Puzzle Lane, Unit #3, Newton, New Hampshire in the USA has been ordered to cease operations and its owners has been fined USD45,000 for a series of compliance breaches.

Rockingham County Superior Court found that Thomas Lavigne guilty of four breaches of the Consumer Protection Act for (1) his failure to register his health club with the Attorney General, (2) his solicitation of health club memberships for a term of more than 1 year, contrary to the Health Club statute, (3) his failure to disclose his membership liability for purposes of bonding to protect prepaid membership dues, and (4) his failure to provide consumers with contracts containing statutorily required consumer protection disclosures and buyer’s rights.



"Tax defier" ran complex schemes for almost 20 years.

The owner of a Kirkland, Washington interior design business was convicted on 10th August, 2018 in U.S. District Court in Seattle of 25 counts related to a nearly twenty-year scheme to avoid paying more than USD560,000 in income taxes. Daniel NIX, 58, was convicted of thirteen counts of tax evasion, eleven counts of providing fictitious financial obligations, and one count of corrupt interference with the administration of the Internal Revenue Code.


Jellyfish Kingdom leader sent for psychiatric assessment

Reported to the police as being "heritical," Aisyah Tusalamah Baiduri Intan who has proclaimed herself Queen of the Jellyfish Kingdom, has been accused of spreading hate speech in breach of Indonesia's newly passed Electronic Information and Transactions Act 2018. According to the Jakarta Post "She claimed that by showing her palms, eyes and hair she could make the bank in Switzerland give her all the treasures of Indonesia." The authorities have decided that the best place for her in in a psychiatric ward while someone decides if there's mental illness. She has not been charged with any blasphemy office.



Social media post costs bank officer his job

Mr Avijit Das Patnaik posted a picture on a facebook page called "Singapore Indians and Expats" on the day before India's Independence Day. It showed an image of a t-shirt with an Singapore flag being torn to show an Indian flag beneath it. It bore the slogan "Still my heart is..." in Hindi. DBS Bank has said that the man was an employee but is no longer.