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Reynolds, Burton Leon, Jr

Burt Reynolds - image courtesy of Sky News
Burt Reynolds
was born on: 
Tue, 11/02/1936
Lansing, Michigan, USA
and died on: 
Tue, 04/09/2018
Jupiter, Florida

An action actor with real character


There is nothing much that can be written about Burt Reynolds that has not already been written and what had, perhaps, been least said was put painfully and brilliantly and with bathos, pathos and humour for the world to see in the semi-biopic "The Last Movie Star."

Always aware that as an action movie star, with light romantic comedy overtones, he was never going to be admired in the same way as "serious" actors such as de Niro, Brando or Pucino (all of whom were also accomplished comedy actors), Reynolds was destined to be consigned to that batch of brilliant actors that a wider public falsely saw as somehow less than true artists.

They were wrong and Reynolds proved that time and time again but the industry never let him rise above Smokey and the Bandit, pushing his later films into, in effect, art house and b-movie TV channels.

Only five months before his death, from a heart attack, the brilliant film "The Last Movie Star" came out to roaring silence.

Watching it now, after his death, one thing is clear: the world of film is much the poorer for failing to properly capitalise on his talent and now it's too late.

Editorial Staff