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UK to host "International Forum on Online Courts."

Editorial Staff

The irony should escape no-one. In order to work towards the development of on-line courts, the UK will play host to delegates and speakers from "over 20 countries." So, video conferencing is expected to work for court proceedings but not for meetings, then?

We should pay tribute, here, to one of the first people to stand up and say that computers would become essential to the practice of law and the system of justice. Professor Richard Susskind OBE FRSE was in at the beginning, helping to found The Society of Computers and Law. He is still its President and the Society is co-hosting the event with HM Courts and Tribunals Service (known by its tongue-unfriendly acronym HMCTS).

The first day (3rd Dec) will focus on international representations about online courts and other advanced technologies.

The second day (4th Dec) will look forward and generate discussion around some of the central issues that will face policymakers, judges, technologists, and lawyers, who are planning or introducing online courts. Discussion panels will be chaired by leading legal figures from the UK.

Announcing the event, Susan Acland-Hood, Chief Executive of the beleaguered HMCTS said:

"We’re continuing to look closely at the experiences of our international counterparts in designing and delivering our £1,000 million reform programme to transform the justice system in England and Wales, making it more effective and accessible for all using modern technology and ways of working. We’re delighted that both the Lord Chief Justice and Lord Chancellor will be welcoming leaders from across the world to London to share their experiences, debate ideas and create new collaborations and partnerships."

Well, to be fair, they have to do something: the system in England and Wales is pretty terrible and has been for years, made worse by the closure of courts all over the country rendering hearings inaccessible for some and inconvenient for many more.

Susskind added:

"I have no doubt that the work of courts around the world will increasingly be conducted online. Here indeed will lie the key to providing greater access to justice. I am therefore hugely excited that the Society for Computers and Law is co-hosting this pioneering international gathering devoted to online courts."

More information is available from the Society for Computers and Law at https://www.scl.org/

As for all those travelling to London at taxpayer's expense to attend the meeting.. we hope you have an enjoyable time doing your Christmas shopping.

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