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If you were going to launch a pump and dump spam-scam masquerading as legitimate share picks from a regulated stockbroker, you'd want to make sure your mail was at least opened, wouldn't you? So you'd layer one trigger word after another until you found the target's sweet spot and, all the while, you would have to avoid those pesky spam-filters. So you'd use current buzzwords so that the victim dare not ban them for fear of missing out. Want to see how it's done? PS: watch out for suspicious action on the US shares mentioned.

The heading is a bit spammy: "Money never sleeps get access to the hottest stock on wall street." Not only is the grammar wrong but there's a little picture of a bag with a dollar sign on it. And the sender ("Adult life") is a warning sign. But you'll open it anyway when you see the sender's domain "thefintechblockchain dot com." Two buzzwords in one. Gotcha.

And then there's the mail itself which regurgitates stuff you can find in many parts of the internet. And, almost inevitably, it calls itself "Stock Alert."

Stock Alert is all about unique opportunities across diverse industries. Our investment opportunities have driven significant gains
for our investors for many years. Although our investment opportunities are high risk, they have massive upside potential. We
hit GRAND SLAMS, not base hits.
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$90 Billion in investment and growing…
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Global carmakers are making a large bet on Electric Vehicles (EV). While current EV sales make up less than 2% of the US market,
expectations are that this could grow to 15-20% over the next decade.
Global sales of EVs are already topping 4 million units and are seeing a parabolic growth curve. The demand for electric battery components is at an all-time high. As battery technology continues to be refined with more storage and shorter charging times, demand for the elements that make up these batteries continue to soar.
Lithium is one of the most widely used elements for batteries and with only 0.0007% of the Earth’s crust made up of Lithium, global supply is scarce, driving prices through the roof.
Who is taking advantage of the increased demand and price spikes?

Power Metals Corp. (PWM:TSX.V | PWRMF:OTC | OAA1:FSE) is a diversified Canadian mining company with a mandate to explore, develop and acquire high quality mining projects. Power Metals committed to building an arsenal of projects in both lithium and high-growth specialty metals and minerals.
There is an unprecedented opportunity to supply the tremendous growth of the lithium battery and clean-technology industries.
Take advantage of the stability of resources and the next generation of technology!
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The lithium industry scam has been around for ages. Even earlier than this "pre-Christmas" e-mail received late last night would indicate. Power Metals has been the victim of such a pump and dump scheme before, too, if our collective memories can be relied upon. They usually can. Why would a legitimate business operating in Malta need a mailing address in Belize? The warning buzzers are deafening.
And then there's the false claim that the recipient has registered to be targeted as a victim in a pump and dump scheme and that the reports are credible because they say they are.

Er... no, and no one else should rely on it either. Regulators in Malta and Belize should make it clear that these clowns are not regulated or registered in their jurisdiction and the US regulators should step in with a 24 hour block on trading in the shares mentioned: they are so thinly traded that no harm will come to genuine buyers and owners and potential victims will be on notice there is something wrong.