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Chinese government's mailing list hacked?

Editorial Staff

With all the fuss about China's interest in foreign computer systems, it's salutory to note that a suspicious crypto-asset report made at www.GlobalKYC.com demonstrates that the Chinese government's servers are not immune from attack.

An unusually long and complex message header in a bitcoin sextortion scam e-mail meant that to find the originating IP address was more difficult than usual. It was server in Brazil but that's not the interesting thing.

The interesting thing is that the message header bore some indication of a mailing-list program and that, intriguingly, it is hosted on a server owned by the Chinese government.

As if that's not interesting enough, the criminals were able to set the return path as zhjsh@cncaprc.gov.cn (easy spoofing) and, far more complicated) a "bounce" address of d-fpjgy_qfvsownce_mnqqo_kspyxm... with a pre-set subject of "unsubscribe." That government department deals with ageing and the elderly.

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