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How Google disadvantages non-US businesses.

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How much use are listings in Google for marketing? Now as much as people like to think, especially if your business is outside the USA.

This weekend the GMA takes place. It's a huge, three day, affair and it's part of a music - tv - film industry of mixing, matching and deal-making event is very, very influential. And yet it doesn't show up on the first two and a half-pages of a Google search because either as GMA, GMA or even GMA ASIA TAIWAN MUSIC awards. Why? Because it's in Taiwan and because there are so many US GMAs that are listed over and over again in the early pages. 第30屆金曲獎 GMA, ( it stands for Golden Melody Awards) , despite now being in its 30th year, might as well be invisible so far as Google is concerned.

The Golden Melody Awards are, for millions in Asia, at least as influential and important as the Grammys or the Brits. True, the Golden Melody Awards' website would struggle to score one out of ten but then again that's pretty normal for Taiwanese websites. But there is a website and Google, while not ignoring it, pushes searches for GMA so far down its rankings that it's almost impossible to find.

Google prioritises GMA for various awards in the USA and TV channels, originating in the USA, broadcasting in a number of countries around the world.

True, the GMA, which takes place this week culminating in a gala on Saturday, posts most of its publicity material in Chinese and its PR is dependent on media running stories: its own distribution is almost on a need to know basis. That is, of course, one reason why Google's algorithm doesn't promote it compared to the media muscle of, say, the GMA Dove awards which have nothing to do with a shampoo.

But the fact remains that the most important search engine on the planet which claims to be intelligent, does not recognise and give sufficient ranking to culturally important things that happen outside its English speaking markets - and even then primarily the USA and the UK.

The website is at www.gma/tavis.tw

It's not as if the GMAs are ignored: massive US magazine Billboard has picked up a press release about the performance at the Awards show by Yuzu, a Japanese group. But while it links to information about the band, it doesn't link to information about the Awards and one of the things Google counts is links: a link from Billboard would help lift the rankings. Billboard says that the show will be broadcast on GMA's live youtube channel - but doesn't give the address and our researchers couldn't find it on Google.

Also appearing is James Yang Yong Cong ( https://www.instagram.com/jame... )

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