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Dope's the dope for the dope that wrote this spam

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Editorial Staff

Changing language means that the word "dope" when referring to drugs has moved on from marijuana, usually to heroin where it has effectively reversed into that use from the term "doped up," meaning in a highly drugged state. But it's also mutated from the equivalent of "it's the dope" meaning "it's the best" to "it's dope" meaning, approximately, very good. But all of these uses are relatively new: originally "a dope" was a stupid person. So, now you understand the headline, read the article which refers to a disturbing form of spam.

Marijuana has long been the subject of debate: should it be legal, legal for some people, legal for some purposes, legal in some amounts, illegal?

The attitudes taken by countries, even states within countries and districts within states or counties, vary wildly. Some have effectively given up trying to enforce any laws against cannabis except its distribution. Some are so resistant to it that even a formerly legal hemp farm that does not produce the drug-producing variety of the grass has had its application to renew its growing licence rejected, a blow to the sustainable fabric producers of the UK and recently reported that it was destroying all its crops so as not to be regarded as illegal when the existing licence runs out this month. Hemp seeds are also widely considered a valuable health supplement along with chia, flax and pumpkin seeds. All of this is happening while the UK has responded positively, on a case by case basis, to arguments that small quantities of medical cannabis oil may be carried by travellers into the UK.

The number of countries that now licence the growth of cannabis for medical purposes is growing; so is the number of countries where possession and use of small, personal quantities is being either formally de-criminalised or where the police have, often on the basis that they have other priorities, said they will not prosecute. Others, however, take a very strong line even for possession of a single joint.

This is not the place to debate the merits of any of the policies and this newspaper would not feel qualified to express an opinion in general terms. What we are concerned with is an investment spam headed " Medicinal Cannabis is the New Investment Boom - have a look at it." It goes on " Isn't it time you had some Medical Cannabis in your portfolio?"

The spam is unusually well written and even well reasoned.

Why should you want to do that?

That's easy:

1) Cannabis is now legal for medical use in many countries

2) New countries are coming on board every week

3) Top investor research is showing cannabis to go 'exponential'

4) Respected Institutions now participating e.g. Church of England

5) Reliable and sizeable ROI for you in a rapidly growing market

6) Moral ethos: you will also be helping countless patients globally

Then comes the part that is interesting for the banking and securities industries and Financial Crime Risk Officers everywhere.

The opportunity


Up to ?5 million Pre-IPO, IPO or RTO. Opportunity, Debt or Equity Participation

Project Expansion:

Phase 2, increase production through expansion of the land area


Technical Partnership, Minority or Majority Project JV, direct Funding, Equity or Shareholding Partnership


Long Term Sale, Distribution and Off-take Partnership or Agreement

Cost Leadership Advantage:

All-In Production Cost below $0.50 per gram

First Mover Advantage:

First mover advantage in African Medicinal Cannabis

Low entry level:

?25,000.00. Institutional investors also welcome

Variety of instruments:

Investment mechanisms range from straight equity in the form of Ordinary Shares, to more exotic bespoke methods where necessary

Later, the spam identifies "Eco Equity" as the vehicle - and then comes the bit where the credibility starts to fall apart at the seams.