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If you want to add the .webp file type to your Drupal site, it's not there by default. So you have to add it.

This is one of those things that should be one click away from the main admin page but it isn't. And worse, it's not in any of the places you might first look.

Here's the guide on how to do it in ten seconds instead of ten minutes.

After about ten years as part of PleaseBeInformed.com, World Money Laundering Report is packing up and moving out.

On 31 January 2023, Don George Evans of Woodlands, Western Australia, was sentenced in the Supreme Court of Western Australia to 12 months' imprisonment. Mr Evans will be released immediately upon entering into a recognisance of AUD5000, to be of good behaviour for two years.

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As an global association of more than 1,000 participants in markets, the The International Swaps and Derivatives Association is influential and when it issues material it carries weight outside its own area of concern. So when it has published The ISDA Digital Asset Derivatives Definitions. It makes sense to pay attention, even if you aren't in swaps or derivatives.

Gokul Vasudev has over 18 years of experience in providing key IT security and assurance functions. In this article he explains what zero trust is (it isn't the same as "trustless" in crypto) and why is an effective approach to addressing risks in today's digital landscape.

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Less than month after LastPass admitted a large scale breach of its much vaunted password manager, the old man of computer security, Norton, has said that its LifeLock password manager has also been breached. Is there an industry-wide problem?

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Martyn Armstrong has been jailed for life after admitting the rape and sexual assault of young children and posting images of the abuse on the dark web.

When Americans discovered "day trading" they thought they were onto something new.

They weren't.

ADVERT: On 6th December 2022, for just GBP50, you can see how and why metaverses work and begin the journey of protecting yourself, your family, your company and your customers - while understanding how your company can use (not abuse) the same technology for legitimate commercial purposes. www.financialcrimeforum.com

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An iconic land - scratch that - watermark is in trouble. The 145 years old Star Ferry has suffered a perfect storm and for any water craft, that's always a bad thing. But there's a solution, albeit one that goes against the tide in modern commercial thinking.

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We hear a lot about human trafficking and, in particular, sex trafficking. We hear about the women found dead or dying with needles in their arms, often beaten, regularly diseased and we are rightly appalled. But this is the neatly packaged, western, developed country, even sanitised end of the trade.

There is worse, much worse....

Alfonso Peccatiello of TheMacroCompass.com explains that if central bankers and their economists applied a little common sense, they would realise that their decisions are based on mistakes.

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Cryptowallet provider Ledger said that some of its users had trouble "withdrawing" their assets. At least that's what some correspondents have called it.

But this isn't like when a hedge fund says "we're freezing withdrawal" or when there's a run on a bank (or a crypto exchange). It's more akin to a DDOS attack, albeit in all innocence.

We're not into reinventing the wheel nor in copying other people's hard work and content.

So instead of copy-pasting the content of Team Linchpin's post setting out and explaining some of the most common rules used in .htaccess files to redirect (divert) users to an alternative URL, we're just going to....