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The latest plan to restructure the balance sheets of Japanese banks, overburdened with "non-performing loans," is bound to lead to fraud and corruption, says leading counter-money laundering strategist Nigel Morris-Cotterill, Head, The Anti Money Laundering Network.

This list applies to all financial services businesses operating in the UK and their overseas branches and subsidiaries.

World Money Laundering Report Volume 2 No. 1 - published January 2000

The USA has seemingly abandoned its stance on the export of high power cryptographic programs known as “strong encryption”.

Anyone identifying these persons should act in accordance with their reporting and other obligations.

Australia: Reserve Bank of Australia (updated 9 November 2001)

If this list returns a positive match, contact your regulator and seek guidance. The information in the list is current as at 3 October 2001. Although this list is produced by The Reserve Bank of Australia, it has international application.

First published on 14 December 2000 in World Money Laundering Report Volume 2 Number 9

In World Money Laundering Report Vol. 2 No 7, we addressed the question of on line scams. One of the examples we look at was one that said, amongst other things, that we could avoid US taxes legitimately. We do that of course because we are in the UK - but the spammer didn't care about minor details like that - the spammer just wants us to buy something. So, instead of responding to the advert, we set about trying to find out something more about it.


First published as a Flip Side article on 14 December 2000 in World Money Laundering Report Volume 2 Number 9

It's almost the last issue of the current volume and of the topics that have recurred throughout Volume 2, one has grabbed - or been the result of - the imagination more than any other - that of Anticipatory Jurisdictions.


When it published the consultation paper on Proceeds of Crime in June 2000, the Cabinet Office seemed to be stealing the thunder of the Home Secretary, who had already announced his department's approach to proceeds of crime. And when the Queen's Speech was read, it seemed that the Government which famously shouts out that it wants government to demonstrate joined up thinking demonstrated that it hasn't got it even at the highest levels.


First published on 14 December 2000 in World Money Laundering Report Volume 2 Number 9

Originally, we were going to put this item in Flip Side, but then we decided that it was so mad that it was serious.

In the beginning, an e-mail was sent from a woman working in a City law firm to one of her male pals.....


First published in December 2000 in World Money Laundering Report Volume 2 Issue 9

First International Bank of Grenada (FIB) is dead, long live First Bank of Grenada. And along with it the International Deposit Indemnity Corporation (IDIC) which not only has its website at http://www.idic-ec.org/ functioning (complete with claim forms) but now announces that it has been acquired by a Ugandan corporation. This happens to - more or less - coincide with an announcement by Grenada's Finance Minister about the bank.