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The study of ethical theories from Western philosophy leads one to draw the conclusion that there is no one correct or best moral theory. This is evident because whilst there may be agreement on elements of a number of theories, there is no universal consensus among philosophers and academics as to which single one is best. Contributor: Dev Odedra

When our sister publication Little Blue Green Planet wrote about the ACCC's case about flushable wipes, it dealt with the legal issues from behind a curtain of humour (see here). But the ACCC has decided to appeal. Is it mad or vindictive?

What did the wet wipe say to the toilet paper? "I flush, therefore I'm flushable." Kimberley-Clark - this one's for you.

CoNet Section: 

Who'd have thunk it? When Hamilton, suffering from a cold so severe he questioned if he would be able to drive, stuck his car on pole yesterday, and Ferrari missed Q3 with one car and missed qualifying altogether with the other, surely it was all over. Then when the rain came down, the cooler air favoured the Mercedes which had been struggling to match the pace of the Ferraris all weekend. Red Bull's Verstappen picked up P2 and Bottas in P3 and it looked as if the race had been decided. How wrong could we be: the race was "decided" over and over again as the Hockenheim track said "if this is my swansong, it's going to be a good one."

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Don't say that: 

It seamed obvious
There was a visible seem in the sewing

Do say this: 

It seemed obvious
There was a visible seam in the sewing

Changing language means that the word "dope" when referring to drugs has moved on from marijuana, usually to heroin where it has effectively reversed into that use from the term "doped up," meaning in a highly drugged state. But it's also mutated from the equivalent of "it's the dope" meaning "it's the best" to "it's dope" meaning, approximately, very good. But all of these uses are relatively new: originally "a dope" was a stupid person. So, now you understand the headline, read the article which refers to a disturbing form of spam.

BIScom Subsection: 

If you were at all sentient in 1977 there was one song you could not avoid. It was everywhere. BBC Radio One broadcast it at 7:15 every morning for weeks and every morning I kicked the bedclothes onto the floor as involuntarily I danced around lying down. I got applause when I played it in discos. People went hoarse singing along. "Rock and Roll Band, started "we're just another band out of Boston" but it was "More than a feeling" that launched the album and a career and remains an anthem that lifts the spirits even today. Yet Boston is more cult than band, one feels.

Don't say that: 

"Subjective" when it relates to something quantifiable or to a fact.
"Objective" when it relates to an opinion

Do say this: 

"Objective" when it relates to a fact or something quantifiable.
"Subjective" when it relates to an opinion.

Don't say that: 

Those two things defer from each other

Do say this: 

Those two things differ from each other

Francesco Saverio Borrelli
was born on: 
Sat, 12/04/1930
Naples, Italy
and died on: 
Sat, 20/07/2019
Milan, Italy

Manila is a music town. It doesn't have the cachet of Austin or Nashville nor, even, Manchester or (parts of) London. But it's a town where music is part of the fabric of the city. The district of Intramuros is home to some fascinating heavy metal musicians. And they don't play a note.

Don't say that: 

"Your right" when you mean "you are correct."
"You're right" when you mean "you are entitled to do that."

Do say this: 

"It's your right to do that"
"You're right about that."

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, part of The Treasury, has issued a reminder (reproduced below) to all businesses with an annual turnover of more than GBP85,000 that new reporting rules require steps to be taken on or before 29 July this year.

The European Union is risking a battle with US President Trump. Countries, individually and federally, have been looking at the effect on domestic industries and national revenues of US companies, their tax structures and their business practices. In short, they are saying exactly what the US says: if you want to do business here, you do it on our terms. The USA doesn't like this challenge to the commercial colonialism which it has practised, largely without official resistance, since the 1940s.

Don't say that: 

Partake in

Do say this: 

Partake of
Take part in

There are some aspects of policing that are made more difficult than they should be by a range of factors. One of those factors is attitudes, on both sides, when a crime is committed by members of a "community" against others in that "community."

Intra-community crime is always difficult to investigate because the investigation is, almost always, conducted by someone from outside that "community." The reasons for this are many and varied. Without entering into the choppy waters of arguing that there should be no "communities," only "society," Nigel Morris-Cotterill examines why FCROs are in a difficult position when "communities" and offences within them are considered.

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