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The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) has today withdrawn charges against Citigroup Global Markets Australia Pty Limited (Citigroup), Deutsche Bank AG and four senior banking executives.

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Be prepared to be amazed.

Stefan Cassella, principal of Asset Forfeiture Law LLC in the USA has produced a fascinating list of cases in which the USA, at a federal level, has used civil forfeiture in relation to proceeds of criminal conduct and assets used in the commission of offences. Many of the cases are in rem. The USA is not the only country to pursue such assets but it is unusually active in the use of in rem (i.e. against the asset compared with against the person) actions in doing so. The list demonstrates an extraordinary range of criminal conduct and of assets forfeited (isn't that a much better description than "recovered"?)

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" their much maligned Privacy Policy. "

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"their heavily criticised Privacy Policy. "

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It was light years ago.

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It was a very long time ago.

Fun fact: Famous author David Baldacci has made this error and his editor didn't pick it up.

It is difficult to understand just how morally bankrupt the world has become. Some may blame "the internet" but that's just stupid. It's users that are dangerous and or manipulative. When a mail arrives from "Kidnapping" and a headline of "Your wife looks easy" it is already threatening.

Read the mail below but be aware that it's an advert, not a demand. It's racist and ironic (you'll see why as you read it).

Name of Crypto-asset (e.g. bitcoin, ripple) demanded by extortionist: 


GlobalKYC -Suspicious Wallet Number: 


It's been modified from the advance fee fraud e-mails that we are used to and someone has been to writing lessons.

It starts with an unusual approach, then moves into the same technique as we've seen from this name dozens of times over many years.

Oh, and he uses UN.ORG as the "from" address. Cheeky.

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You have almost certainly not have heard of this case, in which judgment was handed down on 10th January while the world's media was in a sordid frenzy over a relatively minor case in New York.

It needs a hashtag so let's use #themtoo.

A case in the English High Court follows on from the conviction of a man for the persistent sexual abuse of boys over whom he had influence for a period of years.

While the world's press fascinated itself, and therefore the world, with a handful of late teenage girls and the rich and famous, this case slipped beneath the radar.

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He was at soccer practise
He was a practicing lawyer

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He was at soccer practice
He was a practising lawyer

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great for environs

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great for the environment

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Thank you for your revert

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Thank you for your response.

Drupal's text format facility is very powerful but there is one niggling thing ....

I'll set out my position in the first line so no one can be in any doubt: Max Verstappen is a deserving world motor racing champion.

But the sport, the drivers and the fans have been done a grave disservice by the Race Director, Michael Masi, who has capped off a season where he has demonstrated that he is unable to make a final decision and that he is easily swayed by the pleas of team principles who have learned that he can be easily bullied.

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Here's our pick of the day's top five financial crime related stories picked up around the 'web.

Formula One fans across Asia and Australasia had a sleepless night watching the race that could have been the season climax but instead provided a last-minute equalizer that pushes Abu Dhabi to be the penalty-shoot out to decide a season of dogged determination, spectacular long-shots and own goals.

It's a fair bet that pretty much everyone involved in Formula One is in for a week of sleepless nights as the teams travel ten hours across the Middle East and unpack on Thursday ready for the Friday start.

And it all started when the teams arrived in Saudi Arabia and got a first proper look at the new Jeddah track.

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