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Airbnb, already facing difficulty in relation to unlicensed rentals, has issued an e-mail to all its customers requiring them to enter into a specific commitment relating to discrimination. If users do not specifically accept the policy, Airbnb says, "you won’t be able to host or book using Airbnb." But the policy has aspects that some will find difficult or, arguably, illegal to accept.

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It was announced this week, with no notice of public consultation, that the Government of Malaysia was to consider requesting other parties to the agreement to hold a Formula One race to allow it to terminate its contract two years early. It is rumoured that it is, in any event, unlikely to renew its contract on expiry in 2018. youth and sports minister KHAIRY Jamaluddin said, on Wednesday, that a decision would be made on Thursday but, as of Friday evening, no public announcement had been made.

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There's a really cute little bird, a kind of weaver finch, that lives in Africa. The government of Tanzania has tried to kill 5.6 million of them in a single operation, and they think they have got about 5 million. It's a fraction of the continent's population but it's the bulk of the flock that has swarmed, locust-like, onto crops. Their destructive power is biblical and in a country where food is always a challenge, "the world's most abundant wild species," can easily turn feast into famine for millions. It's not migratory: it's spreading, an alien invasive species that lays waste to vast tracts of land, like a feathered locust.


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"Violate" in relation to a legal provision
and in other cases which are not maximum harm.

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Breach or break

abhi.garg126@outlook.com. Spam him, please. All website scrapers, email harvesters, even those who engage dozens of people in dark rooms in Delhi, get that address. Put it on every mailing list you can find. Bomb it. Block the mailbox. Make Microsoft...

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Garnished, as in "garnished a check"

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Garnisheed, as in "garnisheed a cheque."

One always has to adopt a basic position of scepticism when someone appears to think they are being clever by using a popular phrase: an example is Dame Nemat Talaat Shafik, who likes to be known as "Minouche,", the Deputy Governor, Markets and Banking, of the Bank of England and a Member of the Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee. Her paper "Think Global, Act Local" is the start of her swansong : she is to leave the BoE in February 2017 to become Director, London School of Economics.

Dear Bert and Gert

I have been quite successful in my chosen field and so people recognise me and want to associate with me. I'm not famous for being famous, or for starring in a sex tape that a publicist has made sure is circulated widely before we start to sound indignant. I've never been found drugged and unconscious on a lavatory floor nor had strings of spouses and divorces that shore up press coverage as popularity wanes.

Just as Uber, etc., drivers are often uninsured and unlicensed, so are those who let out apartments via on-line rental services. New York has long had very strict rules about short term lets but the laws had little or no bite to them. But NY Governor Andrew Cuomo has just approved a law that gives the law teeth on an escalating scale. airbnb and similar sites don't like it.

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