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As Australian home-builder Collier Homes goes into liquidation, it's time to question, both in Australia and in other countries, whether purchasers should be required to make payments, beyond a reservation deposit, on new builds. Major reform is needed.

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...Continued from yesterday

A McKenzie Friend cannot be the representative of record that is he cannot provide a "firm" or an address for service. He cannot be the agent of a litigant in person and so he cannot e.g. issue proceedings on his behalf. He does not have a right of audience, that means he cannot address the court directly, unless, in exceptional cases, the court might grant, on a one-off basis, a right to address the court and to examine witnesses. However, more McKenzie Friends are making applications for rights of audience and are being granted.

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It's not so long ago that advocates in any court had to be legally qualified. There was a fall-back position for those who were unable to afford their own solicitor or barrister and were, for one reason or another, going to find it difficult to present their own case. The reasons were, for example, that they were not sufficiently literate, or that they were disadvantaged by poor, or no, English or that they were of an exceptionally nervous disposition. But things have gone badly wrong.

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When you are writing your CV avoid phrases such as " has a wide network of different personalities."

Do say this: 

.. a wide network of people of varied skills

Today's big news from those out to defeat Trump (as if he's not doing that all on his own) is from the New York Times. It's an interview with a woman named as Jessica Leeds who the NYT describes as "a businesswoman" who, in a videotaped and carefully edited video, with several TV production-style overlays to emphasise key phrases, says she was a travelling sales rep for a newsprint company in the 1980s when she was invited to move from economy to first class on a flight. "I didn't need to be asked twice," she says. But there are signs that the video might have been staged.

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Valery BOGOMOLNY, 44, (male) of Westwood, Los Angeles, has been convicted of multiple counts of healthcare fraud, sentenced to five years jail and ordered to pay more than USD1.2 million in compensation. At its heart, the case is a documents fraud.

Type of conduct: 
Healthcare / Medicare fraud
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According to a report in an Israeli blog, Da'esh (it calls it ISIS) is "terrified" of a 39 year old woman who leads group that identifies Da'esh members and kills them. Of itself, the primary interest should be that the gang is led by a woman who is standing up to a misogynistic and brutal force of oppression. But it is not: the article is about what she does with the bodies. Our interest is the nature of the comments made on the report and the degree of support her brutality has obtained.

Open Letter to ( CEO ): 
LEE Kun-hee, Chairman, Samsung Group
Open Letter to ( Company ): 

Dear Mr Lee

Your company is suffering reputational damage as a result of quality of the batteries in the Note 7 smartphone.

I have long been a fan of Samsung products but I'm writing to tell you that it's over: a succession of poor quality products recently has led me to the conclusion that Samsung has abandoned its quality-first approach and is now driven by rapid turnaround of product that for which fault and failure are commonplace and into which longevity has not been designed in.

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50 percent lower than..
50% less than...

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50 percent of..

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Israel's illegal occupation of a significant amount of Palestinian territory is only part of the story of the oppression of the Palestinians. There is also a a blockade of airspace and sea, even in international air and waters. Incredibly, this story is not merely untold: it is actively ignored by major news media.

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Standard Bank
Subject Receipt Of Deposit Transaction 6th Of October, 2016
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Attachment: ATTACHMENT...E_NOJS.htm

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A spam-scam, phishing exercise is circulating and it is unusual in that the purported outgoing e-mail address appears genuine.

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In the past few hours, a high-volume phishing scam, purporting to be from Bank Negara Malaysia, has hit inboxes. That is it a scam is without doubt: the outgoing addresses are all, in common with many such scams, .edu addresses. They contain a PDF file, BNM.pdf, as an attachment which does not trigger anti-virus warnings when it is delivered to inboxes.

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