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A note of personal sadness: long, long ago, this writer was considering his future. At the top of the list of highly professional firms that attracted him was Mallesons in Hong Kong. But a family discussion resulted in staying in London and taking a radically different approach. The hankering remained but the shine is wearing off as the now global association of practices is heavily in debt, shedding staff and trying to hive off offices and teams.

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We'd expect the young to be involved in hacking and cracking but surprisingly, the young are also widely implicated in a far wider range of offences. Then again, 'twas always thus.
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There's rarely anything new in Spam Scams but the letter that purports to come from "Investigation and Enforcement Services" and carries a (not exactly correct) UK Government Copyright Notice is novel. Read the full mail below.

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Uncrate is a kind of super-blog that doesn't sell anything online. It's like those glossy magazines that pretend to journalism but are really there to advertise the latest shade of lipstick or a new hair gel. Or, heaven forbid, the latest colour iPhone. But Uncrate is honest: it doesn't pretend to journalism, there is no fake editorial and no click-bait stories promoted via those annoying "around the web" things at the bottom of so many web pages. It's an open, clear and honest business model, mixing blatant advertising with interesting things they've found, even though there is no advertising contract in place. So why are so many people bitching about the way it does business?

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We would not usually jump to the conclusion that any offence is an example of terrorism but in the case of the attack on a Christmas market in Berlin, just metres from the doorstep of the Berliner Morgenpost newspaper, seems unlikely to be anything else. And it's cost a few euros to mount, if the facts so far emerging are accurate.

Every year, millions of people go skiing, ill prepared for the harm that might arise from a fall. Former Formula One driver Michael Schumacher wasn't one of them. He was wearing a helmet when he had a simple fall and hit his head on a rock in 2013. His medical condition has been the cause of much speculation in the media and generally but his family have been parsimonious with information. Now someone is reportedly trying to sell photos showing Schumacher's present condition.

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Former Coutts / RBS staff who moved to BSI and caused both organisations to be the subject of serious disciplinary action have been jailed for short periods for their deliberate avoidance of counter-money laundering regimes.

We all hate spambots and Captcha is a simple method of defeating most of them. And as a module within Drupal, it's pretty simple to implement.

But there's one problem: if you select to apply Captcha to all forms, that includes the search block, but the search block does not appear in the list of forms that Drupal 7 displays, so you can't independently select that one and choose "no challenge."

Yet, there is a way...

The DFSA Rulebook and Code of Market Conduct were subject to consultation and, following that, the DFSA Board has concluded the production of revisions to both documents.

The DFSA Board has passed a series of instruments (listed below) to give effect to the new versions. DSFA reminds users that, as a result of the consultation, there may be differences between the final version as published and the original drafts.

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Enjoy your meal or, where appropriate, "bon appetit."

When we found an advertisement for illegal downloads of Sun Tzu and the Art of Litigation, we wrote to everyone that public records showed as connected to the issue or hosting of the domain. We found, again, that Cloudflare was at the heart of the illegal operation and therefore being paid to provide services to criminals who may be generating profits for organised crime or for material support for terrorists. FCROs must consider the business practices and risk management models of their customers because, by definition, banks are receiving, harbouring and distributing the proceeds of criminal conduct received via those companies.

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World Money Laundering Report vol 15 no 6 In this issue:
Political Correction, the rise of the centre

Default settings: Suspicion, PEPs and government linked money

Unintended Consequences: the FATF's criticism of the USA demonstrates a shift in power





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