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You can't turn on the TV during the daytime in the UK without being bombarded with adverts for gambling or some kind of claims management service, the latter ranging from solicitors with names that sound like second hand furniture shops to unlicensed and unregulated companies that sound like firms of solicitors. This latter group has found rich - very rich - pickings in relation to the scandal where millions were "mis-sold" Personal Protection Insurance as part of a loans package. How rich? The government's increasingly excellent Public Accounts Committee says some GBP5,000 million has been spent by people who bought services they did not need.

While the Conservative Party is seemingly on a course to self-destruction and Jeremy Corby wrestles with bizarre claims of anti-Semitism (the protesters don't appear to know what a Semite is) and both parties wondering how to spin the overall picture presented by last week's elections, Gordon Brown, one of, perhaps the primary, architect of the collapse of the British economy who failed to get a decent job in Europe and the IMF after his delusional claim that he saved the world, has weighed in. He's confirmed one significant fact that most politicians are reluctant to point out: the EU is, widely and fundamentally, a coalition of socialist states. Britain (at least parts of it) remain the only effective hold-out moderate, non-left-wing, state.

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When 38 year old Paul Wilson ordered a takeaway meal from The Indian Garden in the small North Yorkshire village of Easingwold, one of a chain of restaurants owned by Mohammed Khalique Zaman, Wilson made it clear that he was allergic to peanuts and that his meal must be prepared without any. The order was marked "no nuts" and the words "no nuts" was written on the container. Wilson died from an allergic reaction, Teesside Crown Court has heard.

When I was 23, I had a science degree (unusual for a woman), a busy social diary and a bright shiny young marriage to my sixth-form sweetheart. In the next 40 years, we had successful careers and three wonderful children who are, themselves, all pursuing their dreams. We had nice cars, houses, holidays and although we are not rich, we have no money worries. But something has gone wrong.

The UK Treasury has issued a notice bringing into effect additional requirements. Under the notice issued 6 May 2016, by 31 May credit and financial institutions must terminate all financial dealings with the government of North Korea, with the ruling Party - and essentially freeze the whole of North Korea out of the UK banking system by, amongst other things, closing branches and accounts.

After New York copied the Zero Tolerance initiative originated by Cleveland Police in the UK, the Big Apple saw the blight of widespread crime falling away. With all due respect to economists who claim that demographic and social changes were responsible, there is no doubt that strong policing made a difference.

So it's a surprise to learn that the city now appears to be turning its back on such methods to focus on large scale crime instead.

Is it because that's where the money is?

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In Part 3 of his analysis of whether insurance against internet crime is a viable business model for insurance companies, Nigel Morris-Cotterill demonstrates how the risks are wide and varied and cannot be accurately assessed, resulting in a bad business model for insurance companies.

To rescue the UK's economy from the 1973-75 crisis, one of the measures adopted was to increase consumer credit and to reduce the constraints on lending. One concept has been a contributory factor to almost every financial crisis, in the UK and elsewhere, since: the ability of the banks to lay off risk for bad lending decisions.

In Part two of his examination of the question of insurance against on-line crime, Nigel Morris-Cotterill says welcome to the world of insurance as an excuse for negligence.

Insurance companies live or die by the risks they take and the premiums they charge. It is time that companies offer insurance to consumers against the risks of on-line crime?

Nigel Morris-Cotterill, Author, Cleaning up the 'Net examines what's involved starting with an explanation of how lack of moral hazard has been a major contributor to a succession of banking and economic crises over a period of some 40 years. And why that is relevant to questions of insurance against on-line crime.


 WMLR Vol 15 No 2  World Money Laundering Report Volume 15 Number 2 is published today.

It is available for download by site licence holders and is available for individual purchase via the purchase links below.



The Philippines Anti Money Laundering Act: not fit for purpose.



I'm a 50 year old father of a twenty five year old son and a 22 year old daughter. My wife is 48.

We are a family divided: my wife and I think that Britain would be better if we leave the EU and our children think it would be better if we stayed.

This image from The Guardian shows Dominic Chappell standing somewhere sunny, in front of lots of yachts, saying he moved a large sum of money out of the accounts of BHS days before calling in the administrators.

Write down what that conjures up on your mind before clicking to read this story.

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If there is one race that Valentino Rossi can gloat over, it's the Spanish GP at Jerez. He wins here more than anyone else which always gets up the noses of the Spanish riders. But not the Spanish fans who don't seem to care if their riders don't win - so long as its Rossi that beats them.

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If there is one day that we should be proud to be English, it's today. It's St George's Day and it's the day chosen to celebrate Shakespeare's 400th Birthday.

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