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Lots of small - and not so small - businesses place their primary web presence on Facebook. While the social networking aspects can bring benefits, there are serious disadvantages.

Editorial Staff

Shafi Alotifi spent his adult life as a police officer in Baghdad, Iraq, a job that has been a political football for politicians and even states but he just got on with it, until 28th July 2016 when even his previously dangerous way of life turned especially nasty. His story should be widely recognised, and with it the realisation that he may be unusual, but he is not unique. His is the true story of what Jihad means.

Editorial Staff

Hillary (sic) Clinton's New Democratic Party's One America Policy intends to abolish segregation. So at its National Congress, the Democratic Party decided to remove gender bias by the simple expedient of creating the "All-Gender Restroom." Here's the discussion they didn't have. (Man beaten: see update, below)

Dear Uncle Bert and Auntie Gert

I've resigned from my job and with it I lose my tied house. So I'm going to have to find somewhere else to live. I want to go back to my old house but my family doesn't think the neighbours will be very pleased if we move back and draw a lot of attention to the area. I made a series of stupid mistakes in my job and hung my hat on a position that became unlikely then impossible so I decided to jump before I was pushed. I really don't know what to do for the best.

David C.

Economists are lining up to say that the Republic of Ireland's astonishing 26% growth in GDP has no meaning, in the great scheme of things. They are wrong and this is why: Ireland attracts high-value added businesses because of its commitment to low income and corporate taxes that most of the EU, the USA and Australia want it to change.

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Recently, the FIA told Formula One Teams that "the honeymoon is over" with regard to radio messages. On Saturday, the FIA announced a "zero tolerance" approach to track limits - but then provided for discretion. Are Stewards decisions now more suited to judging ice dancing where views on artistic merit trump the certainty of black and white boundaries?

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Stay Calm and Do Business. The "Remain" camp remain in "Project Fear" mode and are busy talking down the economic prospects and talking up differences into divisions. While the President of the EU and German politicians are trying to take control, there is one - and only one - reality that needs concern anyone, whoever and wherever they are, today. The result of the referendum did one thing and one thing only: it provided that, at some point in the future, the UK will cease to be part of the European Union. But that is not today, it is not tomorrow and it is not for a minimum of two years. Moreover, the UK and only the UK is in control of the timetable for starting the process. Even more importantly, negotiations can take place before that two-year period is begun.

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Thank you, Britain.

The UK has voted to end its full membership of the European Union in a referendum, although the result has, at the time of writing, not been formally announced, the losers are actively working to create divisions within the country and turning to hostile rhetoric to foster their own agendas.

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Today, the UK votes on whether it has a future, or whether it will become a sub-state of a federal Europe.

That is the simple, blunt choice facing the electorate. Everything else is secondary.

Worse, the secondary arguments which have clouded the issue have been presented largely as unsupported threats to individuals or the state. If the "REMAIN" camp have almost nothing but negative pressure and promises that history shows cannot be kept, surely they have already lost their right to be trusted.

There are, quite simply, insufficient rational reasons for the UK to remain. For you, your children, their children and the country, vote LEAVE.

Here are reasoned explanations why you must.

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What is going on at Mercedes? At the Spanish Grand Prix, both of their cars went out after Rosberg's car had an incorrect engine setting. In the European Grand Prix in Baku, Hamilton struggled for most of the race with an incorrect engine setting. Everyone agrees that the cars have become too technical for the drivers to drive without outside assistance. Surely that is against one of the sport's most basic principles?

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ASIC, the Australian companies regulator has appointed provisional liquidators to the Uglii group of companies. First, don't panic: it's nothing to do with Uggs, the cult boots. Second, do panic if you run an unlisted business with numerous shareholders and a typical internet business model because that seems to be the primary cause of the regulator's concern.

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As it rains on the Labour Party's parade, their Brexit battle bus shows the direction Labour wants Europe to take. It's going left. That is just one of the problems facing an increasingly disunited Labour as it follows the Conservatives into near meltdown over the issue.
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The announcement by the US Treasury that it was implementing financial sanctions against North Korea should make no difference to most properly advised financial organisations.

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