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India's national financial crime investigative service, the Enforcement Directorate, has dramatically increased the number of money laundering prosecutions it is bringing.

The University of the Basque Country says that the primary reason for failure of dental implants is bacterial infection. Researchers think they've come up with a solution.

Richard Adams
was born on: 
Sun, 09/05/1920
Newbury, Berkshire, UK
and died on: 
Tue, 27/12/2016
Whitchurch, Hampshire,...

Research into the neurological effects of hearing evidence contradicting political beliefs shows that far from accepting persuasion, we tend to further entrench our position.

I hate buzzwords. I hate management-speak. And I really, really hate trends that appear to be one thing when really they are another. And more than all of those combined, I hate marketing-hype bubbles where everyone talks in breathless terms about the means instead of the ends or, even, the process.

So it follows, even though I've been fascinated by technology for decades, I'm irritated by the growth of so-called "fintech."

And I'm watching all the signs of a bubble.

In her special brand of contorted English, California's District Attorney Kamala Harris, says that a website is "an online brothel" and she's determined to jail its operators. Amongst the allegations is money laundering, at least in part based on the fact that the website's owners set up other companies to front their sales so that banks, etc. would allow them to take credit card payments. But Harris is off-target. She should be looking at cloud services providers. Cloudflare is in her back-yard. That would be a good place to start.

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There are few people who do not believe that man is causing harm to the planet and that global warming is a significant part of the problem. However, the specific causes of both global and localised warming are hotly debated, even though some of the results are now beyond doubt. The problem might not be the message: it might be the messengers.

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A report in India Today says that "only 3 to 5 per cent of the [hawala] trade is functioning now."

Forgive us for being sceptical.

Also, we are quietly irritated by the Indian media's habit of equating hawala with money laundering and, in some cases, saying they are the same.

The news has become so driven by rapidly changing stories and sound-bytes that serious issues are increasingly hidden away or barely reported. One such issue is Egypt's resolution before the UN Security Council which condemns Israel's illegal settlement building outside its UN approved borders. Outgoing US President Obama, with only days remaining in an unremarkable double term in leadership, had made it known that the US intended to abstain, a radical course of action : historically, the US votes against any vote critical of Israel. But the vote has been postponed and the first signs of future President Trump's foreign policy have been telegraphed.

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The Australian government has been delighted that inward investment is to develop a coal mine in the Galillee Basin in North Queensland. But, as one media outlet has discovered, the Aussies appear to have failed to ensure that the company they are dealing with is entirely trustworthy. Indian company Adani is subject to several official investigations - and an investigative journalism team in Aus is uncovering more and more issue of concern. Why don't governments have to follow the same KYC and Risk Management standards as banks, etc.?




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