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It is unfortunate that, in the USA, the word terrorism is so easily bandied about that it has all but lost its meaning. A year ago, a mass killing occurred, but there remains no definitive evidence that the attack was, in fact, motivated by ideology which is a requirement for it to be classified as terrorism. Prosecutors and media must be more careful in their choice of words.

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It's incredible how so many educators, wordsmiths, lawyers and politicians are fundamentally ignorant, lazy or sloppy in their use of language.

The consequences of imprecision in language range from being sent the wrong product by a mail order company to someone pressing the big red button that launches a nuclear strike.

Here are examples of phrases that don't mean what they say, or which are just plain nonsense.

I've just caught up with the third episode of the genuinely excellent "Mars" on the National Geographic TV Channel.

The programme contains significant input from genuine rocket scientists and people who have studied as much as is currently possible about Mars, how to get there and how to deal with what they find.. But, seemingly, they forgot to ask someone with common sense to join the team.

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It's the holy grail of advertising and marketing, a word or expression that grabs the attention of the world and becomes a slogan.

One, suggested by our boss that didn't make it onto the pack of women's sanitary towels but we think it would have become a worldwide standard phrase, was "Security, No strings attached."

Here are five that did make it past the ad agency's in-house censors - and out of the mouths of millions who have never used the product they relate to.


Da'esh has, for much of its reign of terror, been funded from a range of sources. Although it is difficult to say exactly, the general feeling is that the largest, or close to the largest, has been from the sale, albeit on the black market, of oil. After a period in the doldrums, oil prices are rising again and, therefore, so will Da'esh's funding. But, of course, it's more complicated than that.

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World Money Laundering Report (WorldMoneyLaunderingReport.com) was first published in 1999. Over the following 17 years it appeared in 15 volumes, the last issue being published in December 2016. As from January 2017, WMLR will enter version 2.0 of its development.

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A man has been convicted of bankruptcy fraud after a five-year scheme that used fraudulent bankruptcy petitions to bring him a return of approximately USD3 million.

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Insolvency offences

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has permanently banned the owner and sole director of an insurance brokerage from the financial services industry. Christopher John Griggs of Chris Griggs Insurance Offices Pty Ltd, Mount Pleasant, South Australia, forged documents and applied for credit using the names of third parties without their knowledge.

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Oscar Wilde (who was Irish) said that the English and the Americans are common people divided by a single language. Or something like that. He was right. The divergence between English and American can cause some serious confusion.

Here are some examples


The European Commission (EC) has decided that the European Union (EU) system of Directives isn't working when it comes to money laundering and terrorist financing. They are right. What's taken them so long to work it out? The question is this: have the identified the correct matters and will they get it right this time?

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"Banks will have clearer guidance on how to best manage risks related to money laundering and the financing of terrorism...in correspondent banking," says the Bank of International Settlements' Basel Committee.

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