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Hey, Bert and Gert

I need your help. I met a girl online and went out with her.

I really tried to impress her.

At the heart of the Philippines aspect of the Bank of Bangladesh case appears to be a "businessman" known as Kim WONG. But in less than 30 seconds, we discovered that as recently as 2001, he held a Chinese passport in the name WONG Kam Sin - and used it to get out of The Philippines in the face of an investigation.


It's easy to write off the Democrats as divided also-rans even as they are trying to make the most difficult decision of their party's history. The debate they don't want to have is this: who are we going to try to put in the White House, a woman or a Jew?

Trump, in the meantime, sits in the simple position that he's an intellectual minnow compared to the others, that he has no relevant experience, that his hairdresser is better than Sanders' but worse than Clinton's - and he speaks to the base concerns of REDnecks, WHITE Christians and BLUE collar Americans. His very irrelevance is carrying him through.

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It's a basic tenet of Formula One that the podium celebration takes place in a shower of champagne. Well..... not exactly. After 15 years, the deal for Mumm to sponsor the sport has ended. And the new sponsor is half a name and not a champagne.


Alonso Escapes Melbourne 2016 attribution unknownIf there is one thing that the F1 world can be pleased about, it's that the first race of the 2016 World Championship was often more like a junior kart race than top class single seater racing had become.

But an incident suggests that the halo driver protection is a terrible idea.


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At the opening round of the 2016 Formula One Championship in Melbourne Australia, the Ferrari drivers demonstrated superhuman powers of anticipation and dexterity as they shot off the line and their cars hit optimum revs and made optimum gear changes all the way into the first braking zone. Do Ferrari have a little extra somewhere in their systems?

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The new qualifying format for Formula One has shown that it's got the potential to make sorting out the grid positions more exciting than races often are. But it's not perfect.

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Call it the queer quid, the pink pound or any one of several other, generally, derogatory names the reality is that there has long been evidence that discretionary spending (and often disposible income) is greater amongst homosexuals and other minority gender groups. We don't sit in on a meeting that never happened as Australia secretly tries to attract that spending despite its blokey image.

Internet Security company RSA recently reported its survey that found that 30% of businesses surveyed "do not have a formal incident plan in place" and that 65% "scored themselves as "inadequate" across all five capabilities" set out in the survey. If companies aren't themselves confident of their own efforts to manage data and data breaches, is it surprising that users try to create and use false identities, substituting anonymity for privacy. Serious questions arise.

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The jailing of Indian businessman Subrata Roy two years ago raised its own questions for Force India for Sahara, the company whose name is plastered down the side of the cars, is not quite the sponsor it seems. Along with Vijay Mallya (See story ) Sahara owns most of the team. Roy, the Chairman of Sahara, was jailed because his company failed to make repayments exceeding USD5,000 million to investors after the investment bonds the company issued were found by a court to be illegal.

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Only a few days ago, the internet was abuzz with news that John McAfee had taken to Russian TV to explain the ease with which the FBI could break into a phone (or any other device) they wanted. Now he's saying it was all a hoax.

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If you've been a bit bored by F1 qualifying for a while, as drivers sit in the pits until the last minute or hang around in the middle of the track after finishing a fast lap, then the FIA's new qualifying format is going to prove a revalation. Will it be edge of the seat stuff? Quite possibly.

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Posting scripts into Drupal is a bit of a leap of faith at the best of times. But when CKEditor is installed and operates on blocks, users come across disappearing content syndrome where code entered into a block is absent the next time the block configuration screen is opened. It can be fixed.

So that's how it's done.

As the F1 teams pack their kit to head to Melbourne, I have one thing to say on a personal note: it's good to be back.

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Force India 2016 car courtesy and copyright Force India   There's no secret that brash Indian businessman Vijay Mallya's business model for Force India depended on the success of his other businesses and his relationships with other companies. Kingfisher Airlines crashed (the company, not its planes) despite Mallya's highly publicised claims that they had the best looking stewardesses in the sky. But that was not the only dark cloud in his firmament. This time, it's his own money that's at stake amid allegations of money laundering.

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