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Case Summary: 

It has long been the case that, however one defines it, "communities" are represented by physical or psychological boundaries within which members feel safe. But there are those that exploit that sense of safety and target members of that community because of levels of trust. It's all related to the "people like us," syndrome explained in the book Understanding Suspicion in Financial Crime. This case is an example of multi-million USD scheme perpetrated in such circumstances.

Type of conduct: 
Ponzi / Pyramid fraud

It's the stuff that, if it's a TV or film plot, makes one want to shake one's head and wish that fiction writers would make things a little less far fetched; one feels that belief cannot be suspended when the concept is, well, so unbelievable. Prepare to shake your head again - this time asking why you thought it was so improbable because something that you would not believe is already old hat and the first conviction has just been recorded.

BIScom Subsection: 

When Edward Warlopp left his office and walked, he walked in front of a moving lorry. The driver, taking care manoeuvring in a complex environment was paying attention his surroundings and did not notice that Mr Warlopp had walked in front if the lorry. Mr Warlopp was struck and suffered fatal injuries.

CoNet Section: 

Australia is big. Seriously big. It is also empty. Seriously empty. With an estimated 90% of its population clustered into a handful of coastal cities (and some of those being small compared to Sydney and Melbourne), the cost of doing business can be disproportionately high in provincial and rural areas. One might think that would favour the internet and, for non-perishable, non-urgent things that's probably true although, as in many countries, the cost of delivery dramatically ramps up the cost of products in sparsely populated areas. What happens when towns become too small to support reasonable returns for businesses? Logic says "close up or combine." Australian regulators question that policy.

Lewis Hamilton has long been amazing and he's just getting better and better. And still the public don't get behind a driver who is set to eclipse every record in F1 history - and has already done so in most. He is now beyond being statistically interesting: it seems like every time he gets in the car it's another milestone or another record. And that's before we consider his driving which has reached a level of excellence that is so good it doesn't inspire devotion. We are in the presence of greatness, a true star and one who doesn't cheat to achieve it (although he can be brutal when needed and sometimes has gone too far). His French Grand Prix 2019 demonstrated things that the naysayers won't be impressed by. They should be.

CoNet Section: 

How much use are listings in Google for marketing? Now as much as people like to think, especially if your business is outside the USA.

This weekend the GMA takes place. It's a huge, three day, affair and it's part of a music - tv - film industry of mixing, matching and deal-making event is very, very influential. And yet it doesn't show up on the first two and a half-pages of a Google search because either as GMA, GMA or even GMA ASIA TAIWAN MUSIC awards. Why? Because it's in Taiwan and because there are so many US GMAs that are listed over and over again in the early pages. 第30屆金曲獎 GMA, ( it stands for Golden Melody Awards) , despite now being in its 30th year, might as well be invisible so far as Google is concerned.

CoNet Section: 

For long-time users of the excellent Notepad++ text editing tool there is only one major irritation - we've lost the old Chameleon Icon in favour of a, well, notepad with ++ written on it. Lots of us want our little bug-eyed green monster back but the option to choose it during installation is no longer available (or, if it is, it's not obvious). But it's surprisingly easy to bring the little guy back and give the desktop a bit of personality. Here's how:

It was an enormous mistake to appoint Mark Carney as the Governor of the Bank of England. In a job that is supposed to be a-political, because the Bank of England is supposed to be independent, Carney has demonstrated a willingness to make political statements, endeavour to influence policy and now in what should be his last major speech, he's announced an astonishingly reformist policy shift in the weeks before his term comes to an end. All the fuss in the media this morning is about Facebook's Libra. However, there is something that has the potential to cause far more systemic problems than that.

BIScom Subsection: 

Motor racing is, sometimes, the cruellest of sports. There was no competition for the Toyota Hybrids as they closed out their season and the end of their very successful venture into LMP1. And, as the race wore on, it was clear that the early lead taken by Mike Conway, Kamui Kobayashi and Jose Maria Lopez developed into a routine. Nothing would stop them winning their first major race and it was well deserved. Then the tech started to play up..

CoNet Section: 

The Circuit of Catalunya, Barcelona, venue for the Spanish Grand Prix for both F1 and MotoGP is often the source of drama. But the MotoGp 2019 race was drama with what may turn out to be huge consequences. And it all began because someone started to call the Barcelona circuit "Lorenzo Land."

CoNet Section: 

James (Jes) Staley, the CEO of Barclays plc paid a fine of GBP642,430.00 in May 2018[1], essentially because he tried to find out the identity of the author of two anonymous letters sent to the bank that raised concerns on the hiring of Mr Staley’s friend. When such concerns are raised, typically a ‘Whistle-blowing’ process should be followed.

Contributor: Dev Odedra

Case Summary: 

Some lawyers are called "ambulance chasers." In the USA, in medicine, the equivalent function is performed by "Patient Recruiters" and, yes, the US authorities even use capital letters, just like that. The system is ripe for fraud and convictions have been obtained in a case where the loss to the US Medicare system is USD33 million.

Type of conduct: 
Healthcare / Medicare fraud
Open Letter to ( CEO ): 
Mr Shinzō Abe
Open Letter to ( Company ): 
G20 Group of Nations

Dear Mr Abe

This month, the G20 will meet for a "money laundering and crypto-discussion." You will hear from many so-called experts. They will form a mutual appreciation society which spends its time saying how complicated the subject is, how it can undermine economies, how it has the capacity to undermine governments and society.

This is all true. It is also self-evident. It does not require a meeting of senior civil servants at the taxpayer's expense to conclude what is common sense as well as common knowledge. But that's not the real reason I am writing to you.

The Canadian Grand Prix produced excellent and exciting racing. Strategy played almost no part and we were treated to motor racing at its best. Sadly, the racing has been overshadowed.

CoNet Section: 

Case Summary: 

An accountant, assisted by his wife, invited investments into a scheme he operated. But there were no investments only money used for his own purposes, laundered via his wife - and setting up a separate Ponzi-type scheme.

Type of conduct: 
Consumer fraud




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