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Oh, shit. WTF am I going to do now? I mean, I wanted the job, of course I wanted the job. I've spend lots of my own money to make sure I got the job. My rival spent far more money, almost all of it other people's. That's the difference between a conservative and a socialist. But everyone around me, except for the usual yes-men, thought I wouldn't get it. I've no experience, no real contacts, in the field. I need serious guidance.
I have been an obnoxious, dishonest, devious person who has always got what she wants. But today, even though everyone I know told me I was going to get a new job, the recruitment panel rejected me in favour of a person I have insulted and humiliated and even lied about to make sure I beat him. What should I do now? Hillary C.

Prince Harry, the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, has largely stayed out of the public eye. As he becomes increasingly remote from the prospects of succession to the Crown, there has been less interest in him. Until someone decided that the fact that he's got a girlfriend justified going postal on the two who, it has to be said, are not yet close enough to be termed "a couple." Here is a statement issued yesterday by Kensington Palace, the name given to the Royal Family's press office. It is notable that the wording is modern, trendy (quite unsuitable in many respects) English with words such as "co-workers" and the use of the term "Ms" and "in the hopes that." Or perhaps it was targetted at the American market. That's no doubt deliberate but it is, in our view,...

After yesterday's article about IKEA's discriminatory practices, a reader contacted us to say that she was charged for the service at IKEA's Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, shop but it didn't work.

IKEA has long exercised passive discrimination against those who choose to go shopping alone, with awkward trolleys, complex routes to car parks after check-out and even barriers to prevent solo-shoppers taking their purchase-laden trolleys to their cars, having to leave the trolley unattended while the car is found in an often large car park and brought back to the door. Recently, the company introduced another form of discrimination: this time against women, parents with children, the aged, infirm and disabled.

Editorial Staff

This meeting never happened, but we were there anyway. Why don't you join us as we listen in through imaginary surveillance devices.

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The political posturing that has arisen from the High Court in England and Wales ordering that Article 50 can be triggered only after a Parliamentary vote is ridiculous. Then again, so was the bringing of a case, or the need for one to be brought. Anyone with an ounce of sense always knew that last June's Referendum does not bind Parliament (voters were told that often enough during many TV and Radio programmes and many articles in the media in the period leading up to the referendum) therefore a Parliamentary vote would be required. Anyone who thought otherwise was delusional and lacking in basic knowledge of the fundamentals of how the British legal and parliamentary systems work.

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We spotted this Samsung advert right inside the main door of a large electrical shop in Kuala Lumpur several weeks after the Galaxy Note 7 was recalled and just after airlines started banning it from flights.

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Wherever one looks, economists and market analysts are promoting one or other candidate with words saying that the world will be more stable and better off with that candidate - and that there will be adverse consequences if the other wins. The only logical solution is to assume that, whichever wins, the dollar will fall and markets will take a bashing. So, if capital leaves the US (in real or virtual terms) where can it go?

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Banks and Banking
Nigel Morris-Cotterill

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Hamilton won, Rosberg was second. Then it all got a bit muddled. Now the a third driver has been awarded third place. If the shoe fits...

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