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Sometimes the twittersphere comes up with a stroke of genius. And it's often when someone thinks up something that allows others to be imaginative and, ideally, a little bit silly. The hashtag "makeahorrorfilmlessscary" is one such and here are five of those that made us laugh.

Thank you Warhol. Web 2.0 has provided a platform for people to get their (usually less than fifteen minutes) of fame, or at least egotistical self-gratification, at the drop of a finger on a keypad.

Spammers and fraudsters love .com addresses but so does the rest of the world. For some time, there have been domain levels that spammers like because they can create names that look legitimate but are using the name of a legitimate, reputable, business and recipients often do not notice what's after the dot or have faith that registrars are checking and only allocating obviously well known names to their usual users. Recent additions to the "top level domain" system have opened up a new world of opportunity. Here are five TLDs that spammers are making use of and which businesses should consider banning from their incoming mail and, even, blocking server traffic to.

There's much about law enforcement around the world that is a far cry from the image presented in TV series, no matter how "authentic" the producers claim them to be. Here are five things you probably didn't know about the realties behind the stories.

It's pretty clear - when senior officers of businesses travel, they carry with them the attitudes from home, but add new ones. Here are our top five things visiting executives get wrong when they visit overseas offices, etc.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is very active in a wide range of litigation supporting a wide range of opinions. Here are five things he's supporting now.

The world and his dog seem to be creating apps for you to get food deliveries from restaurants and take-aways. But the fad is already over. Here's five reasons why.

It's amazing to think that companies that are known by a specific brand don't own the domain name you first think of. Some are still on the market, some are in the hands of others for a variety of reasons, including being parked at Google-owned SEDO which collects ad revenue when people make the mistake of entering the obvious.

Here are five domain names that, in some cases, don't belong to the people you think they would.

Kuala Lumpur has many bars, some well known, some almost secretive.

Here's the five we think you might find a bit more fun than the overcrowded tart-ridden bars that everyone always talks about.

Malaysians love to eat. Keep them away from food for more than two hours and they get really grumpy. So it follows that there are many, many places to eat in Kuala Lumpur. Sure, you can eat shit in a bun, deep fried worryingly large chicken or drink coffee from American coffee chains with a history of abuse of both suppliers and franchisees. Or you can go local, and get the best of the best for a fraction of the price. Here's our local's guide to places to eat amazingly well for pocket money.

We'll ignore, in this list, the fact that Americans don't know that "billion" means "million to the power two" and so on, here, we list just five examples of where their terminology is just so far from the truth that it's fundamentally misleading. It's not hyperbole, that would imply it is being used for effect, it's just plain wrong.

Yes, the bags strapped to the body and various containers stuffed or swallowed, to say nothing of cavities in vehicles are even boxes of flowers remain common methods of smuggling. But there are some others that are a bit too bizarre to be true - except that they are.

We all know motor racing is dangerous, be it F1, MotoGP, Indycar, Aussie V8s or any of a host of lesser series. But safety developments have been such that most drivers and riders walk away from the most devastating crashes. Here are some that have been spared serious injury, never mind death, by those improvements, many of which began with the work of Prof Sid Watkins, Ayrton Senna and Sir Jackie Stewart.