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So that's how it's done

Drupal's text format facility is very powerful but there is one niggling thing ....

I could write pages on how difficult I have found it to use SSH on our servers. And I could fill many more with all the advice I've been given, the detailed instructions that were mind-numbingly complicated.

If you don't have SSH access to your servers, look away now.

It's obvious as one reads around the 'net that while the hardware and software cartels have decided that floppy disks are obsolete, that is not how many users see it. What happens when your backups of old files are on floppies that you've not looked at for 20 years because you haven't needed them in that time?

If like me you often have two or more website admin panels open simultaneously, perhaps even in the same browser window, all using the same theme (most likely "Seven") it's easy to get confused.

There's a very simple trick to help avoid confusion.

Are you regretting adding Microsoft Teams to your Linux computer?

Totally pissed off that Microsoft, with one fell swoop, has imposed itself on you by launching Teams without asking you?

You can remove it with this one simple terminal command.

The default system setting for Linux Mint 19.3 is the US system of month, day, year which drives so many people in the rest of the world to the borders of insanity or rage.

There are many solutions for this across the internet. They are all written for command line junkies. But for everyone else, there's a quick and simple solution.

Linux is almost infinitely configurable. For those used to offerings from Microsoft Windows or Apple OS, that's either great or scary. It also means that many things that users of those systems take for granted don't come in the box while many things that are fiddly or time consuming with those work without any intervention.

Issue: Caps Lock is OFF on Start Up by default.

Solution: quick and easy.

It's a valid question - indeed, not only businesses outside China need to know if their sites can be accessed by the world's largest (apparently) biggest on-line population but people within China need to know whether the site they can't reach is blocked or there is some other reason.

Here's a handy short list of services that will help.

In the northern hemisphere, above the tropical line, it's obviously winter. And as Christmas is just around the corner real or artificial snow is rapidly appearing as the Winter Equinox nears.

But in Australia, tinnies, barbies, thongs, surf, sun and sand are on the agenda. Hell, you can even roast a turkey in a sun-oven (it's a matt black box).

And with all of that comes risk: wear a hat, a shirt and sunscreen, scream the warnings. But there's another one, too, and this one is about things other than Aus's nasty wildlife that can kill you.

OpenOffice.Org has some presets that can be extremely annoying. What's worse is that while it's easy to undo them on a case by case basis, to find out how to globally remove the preset is often very illogical.

For example, if one types _________ as, say, a divider between paragraphs, or to signify the end of a document, OpenOffice.org assumes that you want a full-page-width line.

What if you don't?

But the same facility that causes annoyance can also be set to save you lots of effort.

For long-time users of the excellent Notepad++ text editing tool there is only one major irritation - we've lost the old Chameleon Icon in favour of a, well, notepad with ++ written on it. Lots of us want our little bug-eyed green monster back but the option to choose it during installation is no longer available (or, if it is, it's not obvious). But it's surprisingly easy to bring the little guy back and give the desktop a bit of personality. Here's how:

FAQ number 84 (kidding). How do I open two Notepad++ files side by side? Read on.... This is how to do it.

Moving from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, even on a "clean site" is a horrible task. Drupal 8 is fundamentally different and, to make it worse, for no obviously good reason existing services have been renamed (the old "modules" tab is now "extend." Drupal 8 is far more authoritarian than before but, did beneath the surface, and there are ways to make most things happen without resorting to changes in coding. It just takes a lot of digging.

The return of the high-volume spammer and spammers who use proxy servers while using many different domain names means that the more common "block sender" spam control is less effective against them than against the relatively ad hoc spammer. But there is something you can do.

We all hate them except the people who create them: LinkedIn videos are bandwidth draining, and annoying, making noises when we least expect them. But you don't have to suffer. Here's how to kill them before they even start.