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Editorial Staff

Drupal 7 and 8 lost a ferociously powerful ability to block ranges of IP addresses from accessing your website and running up your bandwidth or simply probing it for weaknesses. There is a contributed module but it's fussy. There's a much simpler way. Yes, it scares some people; no, it shouldn't.

Editorial Staff

We all hate spambots and Captcha is a simple method of defeating most of them. And as a module within Drupal, it's pretty simple to implement.

But there's one problem: if you select to apply Captcha to all forms, that includes the search block, but the search block does not appear in the list of forms that Drupal 7 displays, so you can't independently select that one and choose "no challenge."

Yet, there is a way...

Editorial Staff

Oh, how we wish we had a section called "That's not how it's done."

Apple is continuing the policy started by Steve Jobs of removing all the really useful bits from their devices and making customers pay extra for them (see Here: Steve Jobs explains the concept of the iPad to an invited audience. This time it's the audio (headphone, etc) socket. You can still have external speakers, etc. if you are prepared to stump up lots of money for the privilege.


Posting scripts into Drupal is a bit of a leap of faith at the best of times. But when CKEditor is installed and operates on blocks, users come across disappearing content syndrome where code entered into a block is absent the next time the block configuration screen is opened. It can be fixed.

So that's how it's done.

Problem arose on implementation of multi-profiles under Profile2. Also installed Captch and Captcha Free plus HoneyPot. In addition EU Cookie Control and Login Toboggan.

Registration failed with the message "Drupal 7 Form processing halted for suspicious activity. Cookies must be set."

CoNet Administrator

See part 2: http://pleasebeinformed.com/publications/content/author-hints-getting-web-presence-part-2

In part 3 of this article, we wrap up the decision process for creating a web presence.

Part 1: see http://pleasebeinformed.com/pu...

Twitter is tiring.

Twitter? Seriously, who actually reads Twitter aside from the media looking for snatched quotes? It's just noise.

You can't sell your book if no one knows about it.

If you are self-publishing, that means you are self-marketing, self-producing and self-accounting.

Stage one: raise awareness and for that the WWW is a useful tool.

Here's help....

CoNet Administrator

You know the old saw: you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Nothing is truer for a writer hoping to impress a publisher, agent or even reader. Everything you write is open to inspection, criticism. Every document, sentence, word you write creates an impression of all the qualities of your work. And it says a lot about you.

Here's help....




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