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Israel's illegal occupation of a significant amount of Palestinian territory is only part of the story of the oppression of the Palestinians. There is also a a blockade of airspace and sea, even in international air and waters. Incredibly, this story is not merely untold: it is actively ignored by major news media.

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This month, global TV networks based in the USA are pushing memorial and revised analysis of the bringing down of the twin towers of the World Trade Center (sic) in New York on 9/11, as they have branded the 11 September, 2001. News outlets including the BBC carry stories about memorial services, etc. But the focus on that single event means that other, equally and in some cases more important, events have not been widely reported and have been forgotten.

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Angela Merkel pays the price for her rash migration policies as the German population, other domestic politicians and even EU equals say "we told you so."

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Shafi Alotifi spent his adult life as a police officer in Baghdad, Iraq, a job that has been a political football for politicians and even states but he just got on with it, until 28th July 2016 when even his previously dangerous way of life turned especially nasty. His story should be widely recognised, and with it the realisation that he may be unusual, but he is not unique. His is the true story of what Jihad means.

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The USA has hundreds of prisoners sentenced to die in jail. But they don't end up on death row and they don't get campaigners petitioning the governor and, equally importantly, within days of being sentenced, the media loses interest in them. This is the story of the USA's oh-so-quietly implemented alternative to the death penalty which is ignored by those arguing for human rights.

Nigel Morris-Co...

In June 2015, a Bill was introduced to the House of Lords. It had not been put before the House of Commons. It proposes to increase the age at which children are expected to know right from wrong from 10 years to 12 years. It is a very short Bill, reproduced below. The idea makes no sense and it diminishes child protection.

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As UK politicians prepare their arguments against and, largely, for continued membership of the European Union, two important issues are being overlooked. First, this is not the UK's first referendum on membership of the European project. Secondly, the trenches are in very different places.

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The real Malaysia is a country divided not by race or religion or by the attitudes of the vast majority of its people but by what Singapore's former Prime Minister LEE Kwan Yew called "creeping Arabisation," under which a small number of policy makers and opinion formers are pushing the country in the direction of exactly the divisions the people have long resisted. Now the country has seen its first attack by someone claiming to represent the ideals of, if not actually represent, Islamic fundamentalist group Da'esh (aka ISIS or Islamic State).

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20130613 Few really willing to fight child marriages - IPP Media

This story - which may actually be a thinly disguised re-write of an article from elsewhere, opens the door to a much wider debate - and many more sources of information of varying degrees of reliability
and credibility. But there is an overall thrust....