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Thought of the Day

"Where did she get the money?" asked the Magistrate. "I am suspicious of these sudden fortunes..."

Said the astute banker "it is not the custom of our bank to make enquiries into the previous history of its customers."

From "For the Term of his Natural Life, Marcus Clarke, 1872 (serialised in The Australian Journal) and 1874 (novel)

Remarks by His Majesty King Abdullah II At the 2018 Templeton Prize Ceremony, November 2018

If Najib wanted a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow he missed it with TRX, the flagship project of Najib's 1MBD scheme.

Don't use jargon: this is the entire (readable) relevant content of an e-mail from the UK's Economic and Social Research Council which presumes everyone knows their internal terminology

"Je-S system unavailable 23-26 November. The Je-S system will be unavailable from 21:00 on 23 November to 08:00 on 26 November. This is due to essential maintenance taking place."

What is Je-S? If we don't know that, we don't know whether we care.

Source: fearlessmotivation.com / Simon Sinek (speaker)

If you can see this, our move to new servers / host has worked. Sorry if your connection to us has been a bit flaky over the past few days. It's us, not you.

#BurtReynolds #thelastmoviestar #StrangerFriends #YetToCome

Great film, great song. Yet To Come by Stranger Friends from The Last Movie Star (Burt Reynolds does character acting).

We want to have our supervisory officers physically inside [the top for banks plus AMP] by the end of this month.
-- James Shipton, chairman ASIC, 7 August 2018

The New Zealand Financial Markets Authority warns that the period for filing annual counter-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing (they call it AML/CTF) reports expired on 31 August.

See https://fma.govt.nz/compliance... for more information.

In conclusion, the Team is unable to determine the real cause for the disappearance of MH370.
-- Malaysia's "final" report into the loss of MH270

The real story is foreign interference in American elections
-- Julie Christie in Power, 1986