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Thought of the Day

The new coronavirus is not the only thing that is spreading rapidly. So is xenophobia and #racism according to the news reports. The Financial Times piece says:

“Such prejudice echoes historical episodes of blaming ethnic groups for disease outbreaks and plays to contemporary geopolitical friction between Beijing and other capitals...”

This is both sad and dangerous. It could give people a false sense of security as they might think they’ll be safe by just avoiding Chinese or Asians, but diseases don’t discriminate.

The only way to stay safe and stay strong is to wash your hands of germs, and wash your minds of xenophobia.

Davyd Wong - Linkedin - linkedin.com/in/davydwong

"The Royal Commission said that if one adopted what it called the objective test of the reasonable man, of reasonable behaviour, that test would cause injustice to those who were of a particularly sensitive temperament. I shall not refer again to the words about certain people who are particularly weak or incapable of tolerating that standard of behaviour."

- Mr Richard Body - MP for Holland with Boston .. Hansard 12 June 1969

Regulators are moving towards an increasingly prescriptive regime yet they do so with increasingly imprecise language. It's a recipe for disaster.

-- Nigel Morris-Cotterill, financialcrimeriskstrategies.com

Each instance of human trafficking takes a common toll; each crime is an affront to the basic ideals of human dignity, inflicting grievous harm on individuals, as well as on their families and communities. Yet, if it were possible to hold human trafficking up to a light like a prism, each facet would reflect a different version of the crime, distinct in context but the same in essence. Together they would show the vast and varied array of methods traffickers use to compel adults and children of all genders, education levels, nationalities, and immigration statuses into service in both licit and illicit sectors. Traffickers may be family members, recruiters, employers, or strangers who exploit vulnerability and circumstance to coerce victims to engage in commercial sex or deceive them into forced labour. They commit these crimes through schemes that take victims hundreds of miles away from their homes or in the same neighbourhoods where they were born.

-- US Department of State Trafficking in Persons Index 2019

Let's put one of Labour's supposed pressure points to the test. Corbyn constantly plays the politics of envy by referring to Britain's Billionaires. Leaving aside that no one has a million million and what he is really talking about are milliardaires, The Daily Telegraph has looked at the numbers. They say that there are 151 people that fall within the definition. The Times agrees. Yes, 151, out of a population of more than 72 million. Just two weeks ago. Forbes said that there were 54. France24 quoted that topping the list were the Blair-Brown pals, the Hinduja brothers who, it has to be remembered, qualify as British after helping the B's and their pal Mandelson out of a hole with "The Faith Zone" at the Millennium Dome.

Happy 60th Birthday this week to Guitarist Steve Rothery. The song will be 35 next year.

Why money criminals and terrorists love to wash their money in the USA: Ross Delston (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ro...)

If you weren't feeling old when you woke up this morning you soon will. This is twenty years old this year.

It isn't cross-platform if there isn't native Linux.

The figures below represent the number of Palestinians and Israelis who were killed or injured since 2008 in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) and Israel in the context of the occupation and conflict.

Fatalities: Palestinians: 5,501. Israelis: 235
Injuries: Palestinians: 108,611 Israelis: 5,587

Source: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs at www.ochaopt.org/data/casualties

[in a survey at US Universities] 37% said it was “acceptable” to shout down speakers they disapproved of to prevent them from being heard, and an incredible 10% approved of using violence to silence them.

-- https://www.economist.com/inte...