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Madoff: I'm opening a new fund. We have existing funds that are going really well but I want to do something on my own, a kind of last hurrah, ego trip after a lifetime of making great investments.

Collection of banks: Hurrah

Private investors: Hurrah

People who should know better: hoo - hoo- awesome - rah.

Britain's Left, led by Gordon Brown who, with Tony Blair has presided over a stealthy but steady move towards both socialism and republicanism in the UK over the past eleven years will today, via Brown's proxy at the Treasury, announce the biggest step left yet, as they nationalise large parts of a strategic industry.

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From World Money Laundering Report Vol. 1 No. 1
October 1999

Understanding Russian Banking.
Lapidus & van de Waal-Palms,
Mir House, USA. US$25.
Language: American English.