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More and more the The West Yorkshire Trading Standards Illegal Tobacco team is finding evidence of serious organised criminality where the “front door” is illicit tobacco sales but behind that is the more sinister business of people trafficking and modern slavery.

FCRO Subsection: 

It's a very long time since Formula One (and many countries) banned tobacco advertising. For a decade, Ferrari have kept the red and white of their previous long-standing tobacco sponsor, Marlboro. Now Malboro's parent company are back, with a white logo, on the Ferraris and a book of Haiku poetry created from the wit and wisdom and sometimes grouchiness of Kimi Raikkonen just before he leaves the team. So what's going on?

CoNet Section: 

It's a year since the EU's Tobacco Products Directive came into force in the UK but its full effects were not required until a grace period to allow a run-out of stocks in the distribution pipeline. So as from now, the way products are marketed and, even, produced.