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Media release: Australian Consumer and Competition Commission 26 Nov 2020.

The ACCC has today instituted Federal Court proceedings against Telstra (ASX:TLS) for admitted unconscionable conduct in the sale of post-paid mobile products to Indigenous consumers.

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So, it's simple: you attach an electronic signature to an electronic document and off it wings by e-mail. Job done, right? Apparently "some businesses are still unsure if electronic signatures would satisfy legal requirements," says The Law Commission. But instead of just saying "of course, in the absence of fraud or some other frustrating or negating matter, that's a validly executed document" the Law Commission has produced "proposals." So, not simple at all, then.

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Recently, airbnb angered both "hosts" and "guests" by its decision to prevent the making or rejection of bookings on e.g. religious grounds. Then it started to upset "hosts" by delisting properties based on apparently arbitrary criteria. Next, it decided that, in some cities, it would not accept bookings for a property for more than 90 days each year. And within the past few days, a woman has been fined in California because airbnb has entered into an agreement with a California state department. All of this is in addition to long and complex agreements between "hosts" and "guests." The big question is ... how much control is so much control that it turns airbnb from broker to manager?

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The BBC has told some of its performers that pay will be cut by 25% and scenery etc. will be subject to cost-cutting measures. conversazioni fittizie sits in on a meeting that never took place.