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credit cards

Case Summary: 

Right from the days of snake oil potions and the Carbolic Smokeball Company, charlatans have sold fake pharma to the gullible and the desperate. Amongst the most desperate, and the most gullible, are those who believed the claims by a company that it had a herbal preparation that increased length and girth of the penis and increased sexual performance. As a herbal preparation, the product sidestepped US Food and Drug Administration approval. Thousands of customers who paid a substantial amount for the tablets complained they did not work as advertised, or at all. The Department of Justice and other agencies had to take a look.

Type of conduct: 
Money Laundering

In her special brand of contorted English, California's District Attorney Kamala Harris, says that a website is "an online brothel" and she's determined to jail its operators. Amongst the allegations is money laundering, at least in part based on the fact that the website's owners set up other companies to front their sales so that banks, etc. would allow them to take credit card payments. But Harris is off-target. She should be looking at cloud services providers. Cloudflare is in her back-yard. That would be a good place to start.

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