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Clearview AI Inc. is a company that collects facial images from a disparate range of sources and makes them available to its customers.

The UK's data protection department, the Information Commissioner's Office, has banned the practice within the UK. The UK acted in concert with the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. The investigations focused on Clearview AI Inc’s use of people’s images, data scraping from the internet and the use of biometric data for facial recognition.

What effect might that have on remote verification?

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"Go back to the data." "The answer's in the data." "Data is the key".


Until it goes wrong.

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If there's a way to force non-FB group users into the fold, Facebook is going to find it. Within the past few days, it has removed one of the most useful features of Instagram: the ability of millions of mobile users to "lurk" and read comments posted on a page. Why? Because it's failed to force them to sign up by an utterly obtrusive "splash screen" that's a bugger to remove because the X is in the wrong place. For now, it's latest change does not affect desktop users but, just as FB itself has made it increasingly difficult to access supposedly public information without an account, surely that's going to change.

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My personal experience with IKEA is never happy, but things are getting worse. It's about time things were told as they are.

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For all aircrew and other travellers (which is, of course, pretty much all of us) - the US Border Security says that it has the same rights as Australia's Customs to examine the contents of portable data devices without warrant (remember various aircrew have been arrested over pornography on their laptops going into Aus?)

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