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Hayley Joan Street of Richmond, Victoria has been disqualified from managing corporations for four years following her involvement in two failed companies.

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Organised by Casino Essentials, a three-day conference and exhibition started in Las Vegas yesterday with the opening Keynote Presentation by Kenneth Blanco, Director, FinCEN. Before he got down to the nitty-gritty yesterday, Blanco was chummy with the lawyers and gaming industry reps and in his remarks prepared in advance he said "Thank you for that wonderful introduction, Jim" and "Thank you so much, Mindy, for inviting FinCEN to be a part of this event." So, chummy and psychic? How did the rest of his speech go? We know...

A former director and in-house counsel of Australia's Provident Capital Limited, promoters of the Provident Capital Monthly Income Fund, a defunct investment company, is the latest to be subject to sanctions arising out of the collapse of the company.

World Money Laundering Report Vol. 1 No. 1
October 1999

James F. Sloan, was appointed Director of The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in April 1999. WMLR spoke to him in August in his first major face to face interview with a money laundering title.

From World Money Laundering Report Vol 1 No 1

What can a government department do when even major newspapers can't get its name right? Jim Sloan, FinCEN's new director, has walked into a situation where the USA's FIU has an identity crisis as well as a range of other problems. And FinCEN is far more than an FIU simpliciter