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Drupal 7

Moving from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, even on a "clean site" is a horrible task. Drupal 8 is fundamentally different and, to make it worse, for no obviously good reason existing services have been renamed (the old "modules" tab is now "extend." Drupal 8 is far more authoritarian than before but, did beneath the surface, and there are ways to make most things happen without resorting to changes in coding. It just takes a lot of digging.

Editorial Staff

When you look at your visitor logs, do you see that your custom 404 (page not found) page is hit over and over again by search engines? We ourselves find that Bingbot is the primary culprit, despite our having filed with bing a request to stop it. But there is a brute-force solution and it's incredibly easy to apply.

Editorial Staff

We all hate spambots and Captcha is a simple method of defeating most of them. And as a module within Drupal, it's pretty simple to implement.

But there's one problem: if you select to apply Captcha to all forms, that includes the search block, but the search block does not appear in the list of forms that Drupal 7 displays, so you can't independently select that one and choose "no challenge."

Yet, there is a way...

Editorial Staff

Posting scripts into Drupal is a bit of a leap of faith at the best of times. But when CKEditor is installed and operates on blocks, users come across disappearing content syndrome where code entered into a block is absent the next time the block configuration screen is opened. It can be fixed.

So that's how it's done.

Editorial Staff

Problem arose on implementation of multi-profiles under Profile2. Also installed Captch and Captcha Free plus HoneyPot. In addition EU Cookie Control and Login Toboggan.

Registration failed with the message "Drupal 7 Form processing halted for suspicious activity. Cookies must be set."

Bryan Edwards