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The Hong Kong Monetary Authority published today the credit card lending survey results for the fourth quarter of 2020.

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As if the crisis in retail isn't a sign that the global financial crisis, and the UK's part in it, isn't over, the news from manufacturing and other sectors of large-scale redundancies, non-renewal of contracts for term-staff and closures or restructuring of businesses in non-high street retail isn't enough, mailboxes are being spammed with one of the earliest signs of a financial crisis, threatening to ensure that recovery is a long way off. At the forefront is a spam promoting SAGA, the company that is supposedly the elderly's best friend.

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What does Donald Trump have against Mexico? It's rapidly turning (in places) into a lawless state where violence associated with the drugs trade is driving more and more refugees across the border into the USA. So he wants to build a wall (or so he has said). But it's the economic policies that he's openly planning that will turn Mexico into a failed state with the risk of internal conflict emulating civil war. If he's not careful, he's going to end up with a Syrian style exodus just across the Rio Grande.

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