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The Financial Action Task Force has removed Trinidad and Tobago from its list of countries subject to "enhanced monitoring."

But there are eighteen still on the list including one, in particular, which has been mounting a charm offensive.

The European Union has issued a new blacklist for money laundering. The reaction from those appearing on the list, EU members and even the FATF has been rapid and forceful: the list is not acceptable. But there is more at play, including the imposition of direct control on those conducting business in the EU, by the EU without the filter of national parliaments. This example of federalism is not going down well in several large EU states. Also, the "war on dirty money" is a convenient diversion for governments who want the media to focus on that rather than something else. Also.. it might not happen.

A notice, relating to the findings of the Financial Action Task Force relating to deficiencies in the counter-money laundering / anti-terrorist financing regimes of several jurisdictions, has been issued by the USA's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, FinCEN.

In this article, Ajay Shamdasani , Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence, takes soundings on what might be expected from the FATF's Mutual Examination of Hong Kong, the results of which are expected soon.

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As PoTUS Trump continues to ramp up his rhetoric against North Korea and Iran, the FATF recently issued a statement relating to both countries. While there is accord about NoKo, the FATF and the USA do not speak as one with regard to Iran. Is this a problem?


World Money Laundering Report vol 15 no 6 In this issue:
Political Correction, the rise of the centre

Default settings: Suspicion, PEPs and government linked money

Unintended Consequences: the FATF's criticism of the USA demonstrates a shift in power


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Not for the first time, the Financial Action Task Force is having a bit of a moment over Turkey's failure to do as the FATF demands. But far from being an NCCT (or similar scheme) country, Turkey is a long-time member of the FATF.

Russia is to be admitted to the Financial Action Task Force at its plenary meeting in Berlin this coming June.

World Money Laundering Report Vol. 1 No. 1 - October 1999

The Financial Action Task Force needs to wake up or break up.

World Money Laundering Report Vol. 1 No. 1
Editorial: October 1999

We are now into the third wave of money laundering prevention across the world. The first was more of a ripple: