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A CCTV installation company from Manchester in the north west of England has been sentenced after an employee fell through a fragile roof light.

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In an excellent, and enterprising, initiative, New York has used some USD58 million of the vast fines and penalties it has applied to foreign banks to help in an innovative crime prevention scheme aimed at young people who, in the absence of help, are more likely to rob banks than to work in them.

Late last year, there were rumours of fundamental financial instability at German bank Deutsche Bank (Deutsche). In September, the German government said it would not provide support for the bank. Speculation was rife as to why but perhaps the strongest was that Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, was already on a sinking raft in heavy political seas. Then Deutsche started doing deals to settle regulatory cases and the sums are adding up to so much that the future of the bank must now be in doubt.

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The UK's Financial Conduct Authority has published a table setting out "the total amount of fines so far." It's a head-shaking moment.

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