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insider dealing

The UK's Financial Conduct Authority has revealed that, in 2017, it secured the conviction for money laundering of one Richard Baldwin. However, the case was kept out of the public eye due to reporting restrictions.

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It's the stuff that, if it's a TV or film plot, makes one want to shake one's head and wish that fiction writers would make things a little less far fetched; one feels that belief cannot be suspended when the concept is, well, so unbelievable. Prepare to shake your head again - this time asking why you thought it was so improbable because something that you would not believe is already old hat and the first conviction has just been recorded.

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A solicitor (attorney) who was advising a company on a proposed purchase of a large stake in another company has been accused of using non-public information to make share transactions and profit therefrom.

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The Australian Federal Court yesterday found that German construction group holding company Hochtief Aktiengesellschaft (Hochtief AG) engaged in insider trading.

The Judge had express warnings for businesses operating in Australia and expressed his criticisms in terms more usually reserved for financial services companies. He reserved special warnings for foreign corporations with operating units and subsidiaries in Australia.

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While Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission was investigating a case of suspected insider dealing, it traced funds to a clients' account by a third party, innocent, broker. The SFC has ordered the broker to block access to those funds and assets represented by part of the funds. There is something unusual about the process.

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