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internet banking

It's the old, old story: someone has what they think is a great idea then forces others to adopt it against their wishes, even when their wishes take into account their own security arrangements. This time, it's a bank and even they disclaim risks they force customers to accept. It's either a snafu in policy or a snafu in communications.

Welcome to Standard Chartered, Malaysia.

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Hong Kong Monetary Authority has issued a warning relating to a suspicious internet banking mobile application (App) related to Wing Lung Bank Limited.

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No one can accuse the South Koreans of rushing into things: the Financial Services Commission has just approved the country's first internet-only bank to commence operations. It's the first bank (of any kind) to launch for 24 years.

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Recent changes to the Lloyds Banking Group's internet banking platforms have led to customers of the international bank registered in Jersey and regulated in Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man with a sister company in Gibraltar being unable to locate information on services or to apply for services on-line.