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London's fire brigades are busy and there are several types of fire that happen more often than they should. One of those is kitchen fires some of which are caused when cooking is left unattended. It's easy to do that when so many devices these days have timers built in but, London Fire Brigade says "You should never leave cooking unattended – if you have to leave the room or the house, make sure to turn the heat off before you do.”

It's issued a list of safety measures that are applicable no matter where you live (except, of course, to change to emergency number to that of your country)

If the UK leaves the European Union, it will have a choice as to whether to revoke, modify or retain laws that are imposed by reason of EU Directives. The Financial Sector is one of the areas most affected by EU-imposed laws. Here are three examples of relevant laws and the likely effect on the UK financial sector if the UK left the EU.

The UK has suffered its first fatal terrorist attack since 7 July 2007. Running people down, hacking down people large knives is so common in some parts of the world that it warrants a small note on the inside pages of newspapers. But those attacks are usually related to organised crime or some perceived personal slight. But the murderous attack in Woolwich in south-east London was neither of those.

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