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A good thing used for bad purposes. Sometimes.

While Cobalt Strike is the market leader, it is far from the only threat assessment tool - and others are even easier for criminals to make use of - on every server, desktop and mobile platform except, it seems, Apple mobiles.

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"We discovered that our data source was modified by an unauthorized agent" says the e-mail that purports to be from LinkedIn. But it isn't. And there's even a little hint at the end to prove it.


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A carefully addressed but badly worded e-mail spam has arrived and it's got the potential to suck in many users across organisations.

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It is said that fraud is a cyclical business and that frauds come around every five to seven years. Today, it is common to see frauds coming round every few months. This one combines both with old-fashioned blackmail, internet abuse, insecurity through camera-equipped devices and crypto-currency all in one. Add in a (quite possibly fake) Russian connection and whoever crafted this had his finger on all kinds of buttons. DUE DILIGENCE INFORMATION: BTC account quoted - 16n8TKLoLKZiB2DCaWwpKFnWRPN7EW9EjT

Hong Kong Monetary Authority has issued a warning relating to a suspicious internet banking mobile application (App) related to Wing Lung Bank Limited.

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